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  • PSDprotect.dll

    when I track down the error I am having with explorer shutting down when trying to transfer pic files to a CD.  I lists the conflicting file as PSDprotect.dll in my Egistec Mywinlocker program files.  Is it ok to just delete this file and see if that fixes my issue??

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    Yes, deleting the .dll is enough to fix the problem but psdprotect.dll is associated with MyWinLocker. So we recommend you to please uninstall “MyWinLocker” from the control panel and then delete the file “psdprotect.dll” if remains.


    Thanks.  I uninstalled mywinlocker suite and then deleted the psdprotect.dll file.  Everything works great now and I am able to transfer the files without explorer shutting down.  Thanks again!!


    You’re Welcome!!

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