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  • Problem with HP LaserJet Pro Color MFP M476 does not turn on

    Hello everybody

    I have Hp Laserjet pro color does not turn on their is no power i check the power source all good i check the cable its good then i check the printer power supply i found that the fuse on the power supply board is blown so i order a new power supply i connect the new power supply also didn’t work so i check the same fuse in the new power supply i found it blown to so i make my research from the service manual i found that may be its the DC controller or the Formatter problem so i bought new DC controller and formatter and a new fuses , i install the new fuse in the power supply then i put all the new stuff back also it does’t turn on so i check the fuse on the power supply also it blown for the third time i can’t find the problem i give please help

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    I think the problem is in the main board of the printer that’s why your power supply’s make fuse blowing. Becuase you know that the fuse is a safety feature that will blow to prevent the main part of the printer. Sorry to say but can’t help you. You have to make repair this printer manually from service center.

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