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  • Printer does not print after ATT replaced my modem

    ATT replaced my modem with a newer model, now my printer doesn’t print

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    Maybe the IP address of your router has been changed since it was replaced. Since it has been changed, the communication with your computer and printer through router is broken. In this case, you’ll need to re-configure the printer by reinstalling its driver & software. Don’t forget to uninstall the driver completely before planning to reinstall it.

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    That is a problem associated with network configurations. Since you changed your modem you need to make changes to suite your network settings. Now to the solutions.

    • Reset your printer settings to default so that it can obtain a new IP address automatically. Start the configurations using the setup wizard using the computer or the printer panel. In case you do not have a front panel in your printer, make use of the USB cable to connect the printer to the computer.
    • Ensure the printer and the modem are set close not more than 5 feet apart.
    • For wireless printer make sure to disable auto channel and set to either 1,6 or 11
    • Disable Internet Protocol version six (IPV6) in the printer.
    • If all those do not work, go ahead and delete the printer from the computer then utilize the add a networked printer setup wizard  found in settings to add the printer and assign the IP address automatically.

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