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  • How to fix print quility problem

    Please solution for print quality problem

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    Please explain your problem in more detail, so that I can share my view on that.


    Sir photo quality issue


    Here are some points to improve  print quality.

    1) First, make sure your ink level is high enough.

    2) Second, it could happen due to the Ink nozzle being obstructed. You can clean it by using the cleaning process which is available in the ‘printer properties’ settings.

    3) Lastly, make sure the printing color settings are as set as default. Try to reset the color printing settings as default. You’ll get this setting in the “printer properties” as well.

    If you don’t fix the issue with the above mentioned points then there could be hardware issue with your printer. You will need to have it repaired manually.


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    To improve print quality consider doing the following

    • Use genuine cartridge or toner.

    Original cartridge always prints quality work. Other available cheap cartridges normally has poor print performance especially when it comes to images. Buying genuine cartridge will save you if quality is of concern to you.

    • Buy quality printing papers.

    printing papers affects the quality of images. Use the recommended printing papers for specific purposes. Photos requires high quality printing papers and buying low quality papers will compromise the final output.

    • Apply the correct settings for your printer.

    Use the factory settings in your printer. If you changed the settings, consider restoring it back to default. Those settings were set by the manufacturer to produce the best quality thus making a slight configuration change will definitely affect the final quality.

    • Always allow automatic servicing to complete.

    Printers has inbuilt automatic cleaning servicing. Run it on regular basis to improve on print quality.

    • Regular maintenance is essential.

    Consider cleaning the printer on regular basis to clean nozzles that might get cloaked over time. This will ensure smooth flow of ink while printing.

    • Check printer ink.

    Low Ink level brings issues concerning quality. Printers always displays a warning when the cartridge ink level is low.

    • Allow printer to rest.

    Overworked printer normally prints a lower quality images compared to printer that is not highly used. Consider giving rest at least 30 minutes to the printer to achieve continuous and consistent quality work.


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