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  • Password incorrect on Windows 10

    It is local account password I set several months ago on my dad’s computer. He asked to get into the device as he forgot the password after long journey. Possible to recover the password?

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    There are two options to recover forgot Windows passwords.

    1. You can reset the forgot Windows password if you have another user account which must have administrative privileges. Login into another user account and go to the control panel –> users —> manage users and then select the account which you want to reset the password. Eventually, you have got an option to reset the password.
    2. The second option is to use the 3rd party Windows password recovery/reset software. But all the software comes in the paid subscriptions.

    Do you or your dad have password reset disk,the Windows password can be reset by it,some third-party tools also use the password reset disks to do that.


    Techexpert is right,if you can use other account to log into your computer,you are able to remove the password that your dad forgot.

    As for using the 3rd party tool to do that,there are some free and paid tools on Google.




    The local account password can not be recovred,all you need to do is replace it with a new password.

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