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  • Jennifer Palmquist
    No phone tech support

    Why won’t my computer connect to my printer?  AND WHY CAN’T I FIND A TECH SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER??????????????

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  • Techexpert
    Techexpert |  #10829

    Please share your printer problem here in detail, we and others will help you to fix it. Don’t forget to mention your operating system version, make and model number of your printer.

    We do not help peoples through phone, we do help only through forum. If you need any company’s phone number then we can provide your the phone number of that company, please let us know the company’s name if you need.

    pk2007 |  #10831

    There are lots of tech support companies online available. Just search in google and you will find lots of them. But be careful & choose the legitimate support company. There are many scam tech support companies are also available on the Internet.

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