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  • My printer is printing blank pages, how to fix it?

    When I give print command, it prints but blank page. It pretend like printing but output is clear blank page. What is the problem with my printer or computer?

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    Blank page is the most annoying experience you can have with your printer. Am listing some of the causes below which requires your attention to go through it on by one.

    • Empty cartridges or low ink or toner levels. Check the levels and make a replacement if necessary.
    • Remove and re-insert the cartridge. In some instances the cartridge might get misplaced. In that case you have to do the necessary.
    • Try troubleshooting the printer. This allows for the necessary actions to be taken in case it is a software related issue. Find the the troubleshooter by searching for troubleshoot settings then proceed to additional troubleshooters and select printers as shown below

    Screenshot (57)

    • Check to make sure you are using the correct paper size.
    • Check the cartridge nozzles to ensure it is not clogged. This happens when you do not use your printer on regular basis. Clean those nozzles or look for a professional to perform maintenance service for you.
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