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  • Microphone not working on my Dell 5567. Tried everything

    Recently I have reinstalled the Windows 10 on my Dell 5567. Today when I made a video call using skype it was showing issue with the microphone and my voice was not going to the other side.
    I have already performed these steps to fix this issue:

    1. Updated driver using Dell SupportAssist.
    2. Microphone is visible in the device manager without any problem.
    3. Tried many times uninstalling and installing driver.
    4. In the settings -> system -> sound. Microphone (Realtek) is visible but unable to set the volume for it.
    5. Run the troubleshooter but it didn’t detect any problem.

    Recently I didn’t change anything in the system except the Windows update. Searched on the dell community but didn’t found the answer anywhere. It would be great if anyone here can help me to solve the issue.

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    Let’s diagnose it.

    Try plugging the external microphone into the 3.5 jack and check whether it is working or not. Connect your Bluetooth speaker device that has a built-in microphone. Then try to check the external mic into voice recorder software. Make sure to set the default mic as bluetooth one from the microphone settings which can be opened by right-clicking on the speaker icon from the system tray.

    Please let me know the result after that.

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