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  • MDM and I Phone 11

    My employer put an MDM on my phone. These are the rights that were established:
    erase all data
    lock device
    list config
    add/remove config
    list provisioning
    list device info
    list network info
    list installed apps
    list restrictions
    list security
    apply settings
    install and remove apps and data

    Questions: Can my employer open my personal apps that were downloaded prior to MDM installation? Can they see when app was last opened? Can they see app passwords? Content?
    If app is “hidden” on my phone is it visible to my company?

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    The answer is yes. Mobile Device Manager is a great software tool that helps to monitor everything in your device including newly installed apps. It allows IT admins to configure, manage and monitor all device functions using administrative privileges that the software offers without you being notified.

    For your Iphone 11, with MDM installed, most services and applications are being monitored by the admins. Here are some of the services being Offered;

    • MDM can create and associates some of the apple profiles to manage devices in bulk for all devices and group functions.
    • Manages all personal and work applications in the device.
    • Give restrictions while using apps that are not productive such as YouTube, AirDrop, Safari browser, Camera e.t.c
    • It can also be used to create and manipulate the configuration of passwords, Wi-Fi network, HTTP proxy, Touch ID, App Lock and impose restrictions e.t.c

    Remember those audit reports will report everything in the phone. Be careful with your personal data and passwords it might end up in the wrong hands.

    MDM can be automated to perform the following tasks

    • Wide support for configurations and impose restrictions.
    • Dashboard customization.
    • Bulk deployment of Apple devices at once.
    • Continuous application distribution.
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