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  • Laptop screen is black

    A few days ago I was watching netflix on my laptop, suddenly the screen went blue and gave an error. My laptop was making a loud sound aswell. I restarted my laptop and ever since the screen won’t turn on. I have connected my laptop to an external screen, and the laptop it self still works. I thought that maybe the screen just broke, but I don’t understand why it would give such an error first.

    Anyone have any ideas on what to do?
    Thank you in advance

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    Yes, it seems like problem in the laptop screen if it works on extrenal screen.


    I left my laptop unplugged overnight.  I’ve had it plugged in for an hour or two hoping it’d recharge, but it’s still not turning on by pressing the power button.  I need to use a bunch of files on my laptop for a Christmas gift I’m making for my mother.  Would you please respond with a work-around for this problem?   Thank you.

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