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  • Laptop not able to connect to internet


    Unable to connect to internet with my laptop.  I am writing on an iPad.  Windows 10 used to be on my laptop.  Something happened and all the drivers are gone.Just to get it back in operation, I had to change the HD which has win 7.  Still, there are no drivers.  There is no way I can download the necessary internet drivers until I get it connected.  Neither wi-fi and cable works.


    I was looking in my iPhone which there is an article “Install drivers with driver talent without internet.  I was given the address and is about 145 characters long.  Man, that is some address.  I imagine I would type it in but there is room for errors.  Has anybody heard of this fix?  On the phone, there is a download button and that showed the address.  I couldn’t tell if it was still downloading.  All it said was to type the address.  Anyone, who can help me, I would appreciate it very much.



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