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  • laptop files automatically changed into another file format

    I need something contents(A photoshop software) from Internet In Windows 10, Since, as the way of surfing browser i see photoshop software download button( this software is in ZIP format and something 900KB Size, and there is, I think a photoshop software is 900KB, is photosop sofrware not??, but this is in ZIP format i guess this contain large size inside, then i Download) then I click this download button where I hope this button contains a photoshop software, after download this I Open this ZIP and I think it is installed, actually this is not installed, i know now this is not a photoshop, this is something like virus, and then it converts my all computer files, audios, documents, photos, vidoes into same name with associate file name i.e “MS Application type” or “.com” format file, they are not open.For example, If MY file name is “period of organization.pdf”, or .docx, or .mp3, or .mp4 or, likewise any other computer files and after this action then my all files, photos, audios, videos, etc into “period of organization.pdf.balbla@name.com” format. My all .docx, .pdf, .mp4, .mp3, .cad, …………etc computer files changed in .com format i.e file type is MS Application

    and can  not open taskbar application, can not open windows button, search button container is small automatically

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    • if I have docx file for eg. “mydoc.docx” file then changed to “mydoc.docx.blabla@name.com”
    • if I have pdf file for eg. “mydoc.pdf” file then changed to “mydoc.pdf.blabla@name.com
    • if I have .mp3 file or music for eg. “mydoc.mp3” file then changed to “mydoc.mp3.blabla@name.com


    here some figures are taken form my laptop after this problem, my all computer files, audios, videos, computer programs(Software) etc changed into this type. i need My original files, after renaming this is not support. I need default files, what i Do , please help !!

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    {{apimage “4.JPG” “”}}

    {{apimage “5.JPG” “”}}

    {{apimage “6.JPG” “”}}

    {{apimage “7.JPG” “”}}

    all laptop files changed into 4275928478.ransomed@india.com,

    and other many problems appear on my laptop.

    Can I solve this problem, I think it is file association, but I can not have any idea to solve this, please help !!

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    Hi Liyatumb,

    I am danny and I’ll help you to fix this problem.

    Yes, it was a virus that you have downloaded and installed by mistake. Actually, it is an Ransomware particularly. What they do, they have changed all your document’s files extension and then they will ask money to decrypt the files to back stage.


    The initial step is, do restore your computer back to the good working date:

    Know how to do restore your computer back to earlier date

    Please reply back what happens after restore. We’ll give you further steps accordingly.

    Looking foraward to your reply.


    1. I need my original files, documents, videos ….. etc that’s are located at D,E,F drive Can I get These files ??, can live these files until restore or later ??                                                                        My all computer files is in computer but format of file is changed from .pdf, .docx, .ppt, .mp3, .mp4, .png, .jpg, like other others to “.com”

        2. Can I get My original files as the way of restoring or later process ??

    3. Something 200-300GB files are located in my computer, all are  changed to “COM File format”, but My C drive have to enough space, Only 55-60GB is free, When I restore on C drive, Can adjust all files??

    After Restore, What I Do for getting my original file

    Here is Example, First I Have a file like “abc.pdf” and then converts into “abc.4275928478.ransomed@india.com” format but now this is in “abc.4275928478.ransomed@india” format, but both are COM file format

    Can I get my original file “abc.pdf”, and more others original(previous) format.

    Is there I touch to get Previous file when I follow restore or after latter process??

    please, give me solution of all questions….


    Here is the answer of your queries.

    1. If you restore your computer to the back date, all the settings of your computer will be restored. In the period of “restored date” to till now, all the apps you have installed, files, folders may be deleted. Before “restored date” the apps, files, folders will not be deleted.

    2. Ransomewares encrypted data can’t be restored becuase as they have encrypted the files with a particular algorithm, so only they can decrypt them. But only the system restore process will be revert back all them. Most probably the ransomeware will not allow you to run “system restore option”.

    May be they just have changed the files extension only instead of encrypt them.
    eg. “abc.pdf” to “abc.4175928478.ransomed@india.com”. Please try to revert back its extension to “abc.pdf” and then open that file and let us know what happens.

    3. Other drives data can be restored too because restore process will be undo all the actions that happened if the restore process will be done successfully.

    Now, please answer the following questions so that we can understand the current situation properly.

    1. What is your operating system?
    2. Is the ramsomeware giving you any message? or ask money to decrypt the files?
    3. Is your browser opening up?
    4. Are you able to download and then install any software from Internet? Try to download malwarebytes and the let us know.
    5. Is it allow you to run the installed softwares (.exe).


    I restore C drive using a https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+restore+your+computer+back+to+good+working+date+youtube&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab

    link but i can not seen any change.

    When I try to revert a flie like “abc.pdf.4175928478.randsomed@india.com” to “abc.pdf”, file will be changed, something icon will be changed but not pdf icon, but file does not open, it say “invalid registery operation”, when i insert software, of files via pendrive to PC, and then open this file, it also pop a message “invalid registery operation”.

    When i open renaming application “abc.exe.4175928478.randsomed@india.com” to “abc.exe”, it say Do not run.

    Answers of these questions are:

    1.Windows Home Single Language 10

    2. Yeah this give various something 5000-10000 files, where file name is “HOWTODECRYPTFILES” as in html format to each associated folder and files in all over the PC. but I can not open this, and immediately delete all through searching.

    3. Browser is opening but, all taskbar application can not give response, means(When I click taskbar application like, file explorer, chrome or any of them taskbar application can not give response. taskbar programs like Wifi, ,volume, charging, dat and time button does not give any response when I clicked them into taskbar, and taskbar windows button can not work.)

    4. Yeah, I able to download any software or files from Internet.

    5. Yeah later Download programs allowed to run on my PC until now.


    As pretended, system restore did not worked.

    Anyway, Try one more trick to open file:

    Copy this abc.pdf file to another computer using a USB stick and then open it there at another computer. Please let us know the result of that.


    Before going to further removal steps we want to share some important information with you about the effect of further steps.

    We’ll try to remove this ransomware from your computer using some reputed software like Malwarebytes, HitmanPro.Alert, Zemana etc. (in free of charge). Hopefully, we will be successful. But if you talk about data, we don’t take any guarantee of your data. Most of the time the data cannot be decryptable without their encrypter. In this case, only one option remains. You will have to recover your data using data recovery software like Recuva, Stellar Data Recovery etc. So, please let us know, will you allow us to go through the further steps?


    Hi Liyatumb

    We are still looking forward to your reply.

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