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  • Daniel
    I have recently upgraded to Windows 10. Now how can I revert back to Windows 7

    I have recently upgraded from windows 7 to Windows 10 on my laptop. Now I want to go back to my old windows 7. Is it possible or I have to reinstall the Windows.

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  • Techexpert
    Techexpert |  #10725

    If you simply want to downgrade your windows 10 to windows 7, so follow the following instructions.

    1. Click on “Start Menu
    2. and then click on “search and open Settings“.
    3. In the Settings window, choose the option “Update & security” –>> click on “Recovery” –> Click on “Go back to Windows 7“, now click on — “Get started” button, it will revert back your windows 10 OS to an older version operating system.
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