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  • I cant enter any programs

    So basically 3 days ago i tried to change my screen resolution for a game called red alert because it kept freezing and i followed some tutorial on yt. After i finished it i can’t open any programs except for like… .exe programs.

    I’m trying to open folders.They show up in the windows bar but i can’t enter them. I don’t know if i explained very well since english is not my mother language but please help im desperate because all my work is saved right there and I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to open the task manager but i can’t.

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    OK. We recommend you to please rollback your screen resolution to previous one and check if your issue can solve. If it doesn’t solve after that then let us know more detail about this: What was your previous screen resolution? Which screen resolution you had changed it to? What exactly happens when you double-click on an exe file? Please give more detail about the issue so that we can help in a right way.

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