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  • HP Phtosmart 8150 doesn’t turn on but has light on Print Tray

    I have an HP Photosmart 8150 that hasn’t been used for sometime, both cartridges were changed new, the print tray light is on, I’ve done the power- drain-printer following the link instructions.

    The power light doesn’t come on, does this printer have a fuse somewhere inside?

    The power cord light is on, I’ve a USB attached to my Toshiba Satellite C55t-B 64-bit RAM 4.00Gb running windows 10 doesn’t recognize printer even using the basic running as Administrator downloaded (hp-photosmart-8150-basic-driver-64bit-win-8-10) since it’s an old good like new printer.

    I just want the power on button to turn on instruction panel.
    Thank you.

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    It seems like something stuck (paper tear) inside the printer or your printer needs to be cleaned manually. Open the printer covers and clean it properly, especially the sensors.

    Most of the printers have a fuse inside the printer for protection, you’ll have to open it and check it. If the problem is not in the power cord of the printer then you’ll have to repair it through its service center or local printer repair shop.

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