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  • HP 3835 not working

    I have installed this printer, when a document goes to print it gives the printing message but then on the print spooler window there are no print jobs. I tried using your spooler repair tool but to no avail

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    You need to uninstall “Printing support” from device manager under USB section. And then unplug and plug the USB cable of the printer from computer. it will automatically install the printing support. This trick should work on this case. If it doesn’t then uninstall the printer driver driver completely from computer and install it again with right driver.

    Please let us know if doesn’t work.

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    Still not working. I can scan fine and I get all information from the printer diagnostics but as soon as I click print the application sends to the spooler and then it vanishes. This is most frustrating. I have tried every suggestion. It is not the printing support as it also doesnt work wirelessly


    If this trick doesn’t work then you have to remove your printer driver completely (Manual removal) from your system files, driver’s folder, print server and from registry as well. Then reboot your computer and then reinstall the fresh driver again. But make sure driver should be uninstall and removed all the traces from computer. Please let us know if need my assistance with this, we’ll give you complete procedure f don’t know how to do.

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    I’ve uninstalled print support then tried, then uninstalled the printer then tried. I’ve tried printing wirelessly etc etc. I says the document is printing but there is absolutely nothing in the print queue.

    Something is corrupted in the print queue system. The printer is working just fine for the other laptop on the network

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    Please send all steps needed to clean registry etc

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