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  • how to solve ieee802.11 wlan not exist problem

    i have installed driver but wifi usb adopter is not working and it shown ieee802.11wlan not exist

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    1. What you need to do is, uninstall the recently installed driver & software pack from the control panel.

    2. Shutdown the computer.

    3. Unplug the that USB device (Internet Dongle / Wi-Fi Receiver) from the existing USB port and plug it to the another USB port. Push it gently to make sure it is connected properly.

    4. Now, start your computer and install it again with the same driver. Make sure the driver should be the same according to your device model number.

    Please let us know again if doesn’t fix the issue.

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    Did not worked




    As above mentioned steps i have done all but still i am facing the same issue. wifi not connected and getting a same error. IEEE802.1 WLAN NOT EXITS.

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