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  • How to install Ricoh printer driver on windows 10?

    I have a Ricoh c2011 printer, I need to install it on my laptop that is loaded with Windows 10. How do I install it on my laptop? I tried, but did not find the way from the Ricoh website. I don’t have the CD either. It is an office-printer and I wanted to install it on my personal laptop. Please help me with setting this up on my computer.

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    Installing your Ricoh using windows 10 is straight forward. All you need is to connect your laptop to the network or using a USB cable. This will allow you to download and install the correct driver from the printer’s official website. Do not worry about the driver installation CD you can do without it.

    There are two options to approach the installation of the printer’s driver.

    1. Download the driver manually from the website the add the printer.
    2. Install the printer’s driver automatically through the network.

    Since you are using a personal laptop, I suggest you connect the printer to the laptop using a USB cable. Once connected, Go to settings-> Devices->printers and devices-> click on add printers and scanners. Make sure you are connected to the internet to download the driver. Once your printer is listed go ahead and add it.


    Screenshot (93)

    You can see the progress of your driver installation through the Device and printers section as soon as you plug in the USB Cable as shown in the image below.

    Screenshot (97)


    Alternatively Go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers. Follow the on screen instructions to add your printer device. The process is straight forward and should not take much time.

    Screenshot (94)

    In case the printer was not listed, click on the button below indicating “The printer I want isn’t listed” and go ahead. This mostly works when the printer is connected through the network and being controlled in a domain. Once done, Right click on your printer and click on printer properties then set up your printer to suit your needs and click on Print Test page.


    Screenshot (95)Screenshot (96)Screenshot (98)


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