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  • How to fix hp printer that prints blank pages?

    My printer prints blank page. The page goes inside the printer and comes out without printing. The printer doesn’t act like printing on the page. Comes out within a millisecond. How to fix hp printer that prints blank pages?

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    To solve blank page problem, make sure you bought the genuine cartridge for the HP printer, it is correctly mounted and that you are using the right paper size for your printer. First check the level of cartridge ink doing anything else. Visit If the cartridge is new or it still has ink, move to the next scenario to troubleshoot the printer using windows troubleshooter to automatically find and resolve issues within the printer. Open settings and search for troubleshoot and scroll down to additional troubleshooters, choose printers and click Run troubleshooter . Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the process to complete. This will solve issues that might be affecting your printer.

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    Next try removing the black cartridge then printing with only one tri-color cartridge or replace any defective cartridge or vice versa to identify the source of the problem

    Make sure to also clean the printer especially the Print head to remove any dirt that might be blocking the ink from coming out. This is important if you do not use the printer on regular basis. That can be done by a professional or do it personally removing the cartridge and doing the necessary by following the instructions given by HP for doing regular maintenance. I left the link above.

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