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  • How to disable avast antivirus on windows 10?

    I want to open a file and avast keeps deleting that file, could you please explain how to disable avast antivirus on windows 10?

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    There are some instances where your antivirus won’t allow you to access certain websites it deems dangerous for you; or where the firewall won’t allow you to play videogames with your friends without error messages. If you want to be allowed to navigate in peace you need to disable your antivirus. Here’s the instructions on how to disable avast antivirus on windows 10. Please follow the following instructions.

    First of all, you can either disable it totally or partially, but disabling it completely will leave your machine vulnerable to viruses.


    Go to the Windows taskbar and then go to the extreme right to ‘system tray‘ the and locate the Avast icon. Right click on it and find “Avast shield control” to disable Avast for as long as you’d like. Confirm your choice by clicking “yes” and it will be done. See the screenshot below:

    disable avast

    If you just want to disable specific parts of Avast, go to the Avast user interface and visit the “protection” area. Click on “core shields”. Simply click on those you want to disable to turn them off. To get them back, follow this same steps and click them again. They will turn green and say “you are protected”.

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