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  • High disk usage?

    I would love help I only have high disk usage when loading a programme or game, that’s any game or programme even settings, I’ve tried so many things but can’t fix it??

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    Do you have antivirus software? Disable the antivirus when you run the game or program from your computer. Use the anti-virus only to work with the Internet.


    cameracartwright it happens due to windows defender


    Many users who recently upgraded to windows 10 experience this problem. Let’s go through the following troubleshooting processes to solve those issues.

    1. Restart your device. Restarting the OS helps to make the system stable by refreshing applications that have a tendency of running in background.
    2. Manage startup programs . Go to task manager and navigate to startup tab.Screenshot (45)
    3. Make an update of the operating system to ensure you get the latest updates. Go to Settings->Update and Security settings->Windows Update
    4. Change power options settings to favor high performance. To do so right click on battery icon ->click power options->change power plan settings->Then create power plan or Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Create a Power Plan.Screenshot (41)
    5. Stop Superfetch service. This is a good feature in windows but sometimes it uses too much resources. Open Cmd as admin and enter the following command net.exestopsuperfetch.Screenshot (43)
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