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  • Sandro Stoffers
    Do you have A good virusscanner

    Hello There ,


    I have used your adware removal tool and removed successfully five malicious adware but my computer is still very slow and skips and stutters , do you also have A virus scanner ?

    Namaskar !

    Greetings from Sandro

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  • Techexpert
    Techexpert |  #11963

    Yes, we are recommending you three tools, run all them one by one in the same sequence. You can download these tools from our tools download page:

    1. Run Hitman Pro
    2. Run Junware Removal Tool
    3. Run Ccleaner

    After these three steps your computer speed will be increased and all the viruses will be gone. Let us know again if this doesn’t work for you. Thanks

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