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  • Disable all scheduled tasks in Windows 10

    I need to disable all scheduled tasks on Windows 10 computer so that I can run a program to transfer all files to another machine.  I also need to know that I can re-enable them once the program has finished running.

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    Here’s a guide on how to disable the task scheduler: Once you disable it, you can re-enable it again in the same way.


    Thanks, I am aware of this method but it is for single tasks, I have to disable all scheduled tasks in order to run a Laplink program. I did it once manually and it took forever. I’m looking for a quicker solution.


    You can disable all the scheduled tasks in one shot by selecting all the tasks  (see screenshot – figure 1) and then right-click on them and click on disable. In the same way, you can easily re-enable them all.



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