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  • Lois Williams
    Desktop Icon forwarding

    My question is: How do you email an icon on the computer to an email address?

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  • Techexpert
    Techexpert |  #16535

    As I can understand, icon means shortcut of an program (desktop icons – .LNK). If you want to email the desktop icons (.lnk softcut file), then it is not possible via directly attching the software file because it is not a simple file, Actually, it is a shortcut of an application.

    But you can send this shortcut through email. Please follow the following instruction to send any of desktop icon through email.


    1. Make a new zip file. Right-click on desktop empty area. Click on “NEW” and then click on “Zip Archive”
    2. Open this zip file and then drag & drop the icons that you want to email into the opened zip folder. The icons you drag will add into the zip file automatically.
    3. Now, finally close the zip file and now you can attach this file into any email you want to send. The receiver will download this file and unzip this on their desktop.
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