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  • dell vs hp gaming pc??

    Which brand do you recommend for gaming i’m starting my gaming youtube channel so finding gaming pc  which one best hp or dell for??

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    When it comes to Gaming , focus on performance rather than the Laptop model. These include GPU, CPU, RAM and huge storage. Both HP and Dell have high performance laptops which means it,s all about your budget and preferences.

    Check here https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-laptop-buying-guide,5689.html#:~:text=While%20the%20GPU%20is%20important,find%20laptops%20with%20desktop%20CPUs.


    Dell and HP are two personal computer brands that have been around for quite a while now. They both have a solid track record for creating reliable personal computers. But which brand is actually better for building gaming PCs? In the next paragraph, I’m going to analyze the top of “dell vs hp gaming pc”.

    Ideally one would make their decision based on the specs of the computer. So one thing I’d recommend you consider is, does the brand have a PC with hardware at a price point that you can afford? Now it is no secret that Dell has its line of “Alienware” gaming PCs. These computers are considered overhyped by many, but they generally have a good track record of performance. However, HP doesn’t have a history of overhype and they offer many different gaming PCs at many different price points. I would argue that this, along with the fact that HP is a reliable and very reputable brand makes them more suitable for selecting gaming PCs. But if you really love the aesthetic of the Alienware series, that is an ok option too.

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