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  • Corrupt micro SD card – Write Protected

    My micro SD card isn’t deleting the documents and videos I want to be deleted
    I also tried formatting it on my laptop but it said “it’s write protected”
    How do i format it?

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    Please make sure your sd card’s write protected switch is not turned on. Please check this article for detail:



    First check the lock switch. Then try to format it with CMD or Diskpart (not quick format).


    I wanted to format micro sd card but it said “write protected ” and i try to follow the guidelines but to all avail. Please help me in a very simple way to curb it for me. Thanks


    I would like to share two more methods to fix this “write protection” issue that I have experienced recently. Please apply the following methods:

    1) There might be a problem with the port itself (not in the card) where you are connecting this card. Simply use a simple SD/Micro Card hub and connect your card to that. Make sure to use a different port than what you have used before.

    2) Might be the card cannot not be formatted through the computer, you’ll need to insert this card to any of your android devices (Phone/Tabs) and there you can easily re-format the card.

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