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  • Computer turning off constantly

    My computer is constantly turning itself off. I have wondered if it is overheating. I have tried to find the answer and it has been suggested it is getting overheated and suggested Speedfan. Does Speedfan download work ? If so, can you advise which is the best free download available that will not introduce malware etc?

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    Keeps rebooting or turning off computer randomly is not a straight sign of overheating. If your CPU overheats, then your computer should be freezing  (hang) instead of reboot. Even, it will give you overheating message from the BIOS while rebooting.

    You can check the CPU uses & temperature using system in-built tool (resource manager) which is located in task managerperformance tabresource manager. If you want more detailed information of your CPU, then you can use the SpeedFan software, here’re two trusted download links but make sure you click on the right download link instead of ads on the following pages:



    My suggestion:

    We recommend you to please diagnose this issue properly. Is that hardware issue or software issue?

    A computer keeps rebooting, might be due to virus infection or system files got  corrupted. So please follow some following steps to diagnose and fix this issue.

    1. Make sure your computer is free from Virus, Malware, Trojans – Scan your computer with a good anti-malware program. We are giving you some selected one, please run its scans one by one: Malwarebytes, Trojan Remover, HitmanPro, Combo Fix.

    2. Run SFC command to repair system corrupted files – Open command prompt and then type “SFC /scannow” (without quotes) and then press enter button. It will be scan and repair automatically itself.

    You can ask me again whenever you need help, don’t hesitate.

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