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  • Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed

    Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed. What to do, how to solve this issue?

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    Sometimes after removing a jammed paper in printer and closing back the lid still gives you paper jam error which is annoying. It is not a serious problem and can be fixed with the following simple steps.

    • Try opening and closing the printer cover. If you still get the error, it means a small piece of paper is stuck inside the printer. Follow the steps below to remove it.

    Note: Do not touch internal parts of the Brother printer while removing the piece of paper.

    • Open the top cover of the printer using your two hands holding the sides of the plastics tabs.
    • Pay attention to the position of the printer head. Make sure it is positioned at the center. To do so, Press and hold down stop/Exit or Cancel (X) button until the head moves to the center.
    • Power off your printer and unplug it from the power socket.
    • Carefully move the printer head head while removing any pieces of papers. You can use tweezers to remove small pieces of papers.
    • To release the printer cover lock, lift it up, carefully push the printer cover support down to release printer cover support then close the top cover using your two hands.
    • Finally power on the printer to see whether the problem was resolved. If not successful follow this link for advanced printer solution https://support.brother.com/g/b/faqend.aspx?c=as_ot&lang=en&prod=dcpt300_all&faqid=faq00002918_009#JamInside
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