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  • Brother printer offline problem, how to fix it?

    I have a brother printer T510w. It keep goes offline randomly. It is very frustrating when it goes offline. There is some problem in connectivity for sure, please help me to fix this issue.

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    Your Brother printer is having some small connectivity issues that can be solved easily.  let me take you through those processes.

    • Check whether the brother printer is turned on and that there are no errors. Check using the LCD if the light is on then it is okay. Check also for any reported errors such as paper jam, empty tray. Check to make sure all the cables are connected properly.
    • Restart your computer and Printer. One of the quick fix.
    • Run windows troubleshooter to fix errors automatically. To do so, press windows+S and type troubleshoot settings and proceed to additional troubleshooters and choose printers and run the troubleshooter. This will automatically fix software related issues for the printer.

    Screenshot (57)

    • Make sure the Brother printer is the default printer. To enable the printer as the default printer, go to Control panel and search for Devices and printers. Right click on the Brothers printer Icon and select as the default printer.

    Screenshot (58)

    • Clear queue. In some instances, too much items in the queue causes problems. In that case make sure there are no items in the queue by selecting see what’s printing from above image. Select all and delete from the queue.
    • If there is a copy of the Brothers printer in device manager, delete it. If the printer created a copy of itself right click on it and remove as shown above. The duplicate printer always brings issues making your device to be offline.
    • Remove and re-add your printer. This way a fresh installation will be performed. Switch off the printer and remove the USB cable. Once it is off, power it on and reconnect the USB cable once powered on. The installation of the device driver will begin immediate. Check status in the control panel under devices and printers.

    Please let us know if any of these solved your program.

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