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  • Kevin Kirk
    MSI laptop making a tapping noise, any help?

    It’s coming from the top left, it was fine until I turned it on this morning, can I just ignore the sound or is it something serious, here is the video of the sound boosted in audio

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  • Techexpert
    Techexpert |  #19555

    There maybe two possibilities of this tapping sound, maybe it comes from the hard drive or from the processor’s fan. We suggest you two steps below. Please follow them one by one and let us know.

    Step1: Clean your laptop’s fan from the went using AIR BLOWER.

    Step2: Check your system drive using check disk. Right-click on the c: drive and then click on properties and got to tools tabs and click on “check” button. After that reboot your computer. If your hard drive have some normal issue, this check disk will fixit itself. See the below screenshot.

    Please let us know if doesn’t fix the issue after that.

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