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Windows 10 update will bring more speed

Microsoft is constantly updating Windows 10. But users do not always detect system improvements. This is because many changes only resolve specific problems encountered or bugs. However, the KB5001391 update will be different. This update is available in preview version and is expected to be released next week.

Unfavorable background

The latest Windows 10 updates left users unsatisfied. For example, Microsoft recently used a different method of updating. This major change was thanks to the fact that the last one negatively affected the performance of games. This is why the expectation in front of a good and recommendable update for everyone is quite high.

In this sense, a few users tested the previous version. However, the advantages are obvious for those who missed the drawbacks of using the unstable versions of Windows Insider.

Less CPU: adequate speed

On the other hand, the KB5001391 update will reach users of Windows 10 versions 2004 and 20H2. This means that those who have their system updated will receive it.

Among the most noticeable advantages of this update is the speed of performance. In addition, it does not use as many CPU and memory resources. So the system is able to perform better with the same hardware. Apparently, this change is noticed by users regardless of the computer used.

This improvement comes from the solution of an important problem in Windows 10, which consists of a high CPU usage. Even when no action was being performed. Apparently, the problem was in two system processes that start in the background. And that begin to progressively obtain system resources until affecting the overall performance. Therefore, what looks like an increase in speed is nothing more than adequate performance.

In addition, the update will also include a new integrated news feature in the Windows taskbar. Definitely an update that everyone is looking forward to.

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