How to Remove Homepage (Removal Help)


I got (Globo Soso) homepage. I need a proper solution to remove it from my computer because I tried a lots of method but no avail. Please help !! How to remove from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Solved Answer

Sure, we’ll help you how to remove It is a browser hijacker. This is a sort of adware, and a really annoying one too. After being installed, it seeks out your browsers – programs like IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari – and changes their settings. It doesn’t ask for permission, which is why it’s classed as illegitimate software. Since it’s not a virus, it isn’t able to delete or lock your data, but as it will redirect you to potentially malware-hosting sites you should get rid of it.


Causes: For the most part, hijackers like get in when you install another, apparently genuine program via a download website. With the usual, default settings, everything in the download package will be installed automatically – including the hijacker. This one can even defeat some filters, as an almost identical hijacker uses the URL instead – just one number different!

Symptoms: This is a pretty normal hijacker in terms of how it operates. That means that the biggest warning sign is seeing your homepage changing from what you’d expect to the site. This can be identified from the orange and blue “Globo Soso” logo in the middle of the page. (The site looks identical.) It’s also common for the new tab screen and your default search to redirect to this site.

Prevention: You simply need to be observant and cautious while surfing – something that’s particularly important in this case because of the second, slightly different address mentioned above. Never download files from sites you’re not sure about or which look badly policed. Make sure you check the option for “detailed” or “expert” install when adding new software, and take note of what you read. Delete anything that you don’t want.

How to remove

To uninstall plugin, the only reliable way is to use removal tool which is developed by adware experts. You’ll be happy to learn that we can show you the steps you need to take, right here on this site! This will help you clean up your system without fuss. Follow the following removal guide to remove


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