My printer recently stopped printing, I’ve finally gotten around to trying to fix it because i need to use it.


So at first i tried to start reinstall my printer driver. while reinstalling it it said that the spooler isn’t running and cant install.

so then i started playing around with the spooler service.   it wont start as Error 0x800706b9: Not enough resources are available to complete this operation.   i can stop and start other random services with out issue.

i can confirm the spooler dependencies are running, and that the system32/spooler/printer directory is empty.

i tried talking to the microsoft 24/7 chat service and it was suggested that maybe the “resources” it was complaining about was my printer was out of ink….    wasted 45 minutes talking to that fool.

i found on other forums that i have searched through that someone who was having similar issues to me was recommenced a spooler fix tool from this web site. i didn’t use the one in the link as it was for windows vista and i have windows 10.


thanks to anyone who might know what is going on here