I need something contents(A photoshop software) from Internet In Windows 10, Since, as the way of surfing browser i see photoshop software download button( this software is in ZIP format and something 900KB Size, and there is, I think a photoshop software is 900KB, is photosop sofrware not??, but this is in ZIP format i guess this contain large size inside, then i Download) then I click this download button where I hope this button contains a photoshop software, after download this I Open this ZIP and I think it is installed, actually this is not installed, i know now this is not a photoshop, this is something like virus, and then it converts my all computer files, audios, documents, photos, vidoes into same name with associate file name i.e “MS Application type” or “.com” format file, they are not open.For example, If MY file name is “period of organization.pdf”, or .docx, or .mp3, or .mp4 or, likewise any other computer files and after this action then my all files, photos, audios, videos, etc into “period of organization.pdf.balbla@name.com” format. My all .docx, .pdf, .mp4, .mp3, .cad, …………etc computer files changed in .com format i.e file type is MS Application

and can  not open taskbar application, can not open windows button, search button container is small automatically

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  • if I have docx file for eg. “mydoc.docx” file then changed to “mydoc.docx.blabla@name.com”
  • if I have pdf file for eg. “mydoc.pdf” file then changed to “mydoc.pdf.blabla@name.com
  • if I have .mp3 file or music for eg. “mydoc.mp3” file then changed to “mydoc.mp3.blabla@name.com


here some figures are taken form my laptop after this problem, my all computer files, audios, videos, computer programs(Software) etc changed into this type. i need My original files, after renaming this is not support. I need default files, what i Do , please help !!

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{{apimage “5.JPG” “”}}

{{apimage “6.JPG” “”}}

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all laptop files changed into 4275928478.ransomed@india.com,

and other many problems appear on my laptop.

Can I solve this problem, I think it is file association, but I can not have any idea to solve this, please help !!

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