So this has happened when I tried to Rate my system Start>Right Click Computer>System Rating is Not available.

After sometime, I cancelled the process. And Explorer seems not to be working properly after it happened.

•Desktop Icons particuraly Libraries, HomeGroup, User, Computer, Network and Controlling doesn’t appear. Other icons seems to be working fine

•Taskbar and Start Menu can’t save any Shortcuts. I tried to manually put shortcuts but nothing happens.

•When right clicking and go to new, there will be no options. Just (Empy)

•When openning an unknown extention file, checking the option “Always use the selected program to open this file” doesn’t do anything.


That are the problems I detected for now


My system is running on Windows 7 Ultimate. Restoring it would mean deleting all the programs and drives the Unit has so if possible, I don’t want to rely on restoring it.

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