I have a DEll XPS 8700.  It has an I-5-4300 chip with a 3 GHZ CPU. Graphics card: NVidia GeForce GT 635.

Available Memory
64.95 %

Page File Size

Available Page File
99.78 %

Virtual Memory

Available Virtual Memory
75.00 %

I just hooked up a new LG 4K monior which is great.

My problems are the following:  Very light print and slightly fuzzy print no matter the settings or repeated tries at cleartype, and also, pages and applications are slow to load.  Photos load slightly slow and also applications such as Quicken, on first open in the morning, take a full two minutes to open.   Very different than all this with my previous old monitor.

My question is this:  Are there any components I need to purchase that would improve the speed and very light and thin print (such as a new graphics card, memory, etc)?  Or ?