Panda security has introduced new Panda Dome. It is a new user interface for Panda security and their other products. In Dome panda bring together all its products at a single platform. It has independent modules to which users can subscribe, as and when they required. Features can be added or removed just with a single click.

Panda Dome

Download Free Panda Dome

Panda dome is 100% customizable. It can adapt according to the users’ requirement.  By default panda comes with four subscription plans having different set of features. These are Essential, Advanced, Complete and Premium.

A free version is also available under Dome. Its free version includes

  • Free Panda antivirus with firewall
  • Free VPN with a 150 mb / day limit

Below is a detailed comparison of all dome packages.

It also includes a rescue kit which is a emergency bootable kit. It is useful when a computer is locked by a virus. Using this rescue kit a bootable USB can be created which can be used to boot up and repair the computer. It also includes USB protection. Today USB drive are also a big cause of spreading malware.

What’s New in the Panda Security

Panda security has introduced many new features in its security suite.

  • New firewall included in premium and free version.
  • A VPN to browse internet anonymously.
  • Parental Control
  • Cleanup tool to improve devices’s performance.

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