Norton Detailed Review And Promos

Norton Security is basically an all in one solution for your security and virus problems in your PC, laptop or even tablets. Today, we will talk about the various aspects offered by Symantec Corporation’s Norton Security and let you decide if this software is worth your money or not. Read the detailed review with screenshots.

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Norton Security detailed review and promos

Norton Security is not just an Antivirus but it is a complete Internet Security Software

Norton Security product variants & license type

As some years back in 2015 Norton discontinue its other products and launched a single security product, Norton Security. But Norton Security have 3 main variants.

Protection wise there is no difference and have the same tools or features between product variants. This a great thing as you don’t have to compare the products feature wise you get the same level of protection in all variants. The only difference is you can choose as per your number of devices.

See the below comparison table of different options to purchase Norton Security Standard, Deluxe or Premium variant. Standard comes with 1 device license, Deluxe with 5 Devices and Premium with 10 devices license.

Recently Norton has also launched another cheaper product option that is Norton Antivirus which comes with a single PC license but it have some limitations like Norton is not providing its 100% virus free promise on this product.

Same license can be used on any device PC, Mac, Android, iOS

Feature Comparison of Norton Security

Norton Security Premium vs Deluxe vs Standard vs Antivirus

Norton Products Comparison and coupons

Compare Norton Security with other top Antiviruses

Norton Security Pricing and Coupon Codes

Price is different from country to country for the Norton products. We are giving you price in America in USD. But you can even get some discount for your first year price or you can for 2 years to make it more cheaper for first 2 years or 3 years. This depends on country to country.

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Norton Promos & Deals

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What are the security features of the software?

Norton Security detects viruses and bugs in your system, just like all the other antivirus software nowadays. It compares any doubtful file to the files in the database in order to detect any harmful aspect for your system and files.

Norton Security works on a very efficient mechanism. It will scan your system once in a week, while in a default mode. If you feel the need to get your system checked more frequently, you can purchase the one that offers what you require.

Norton Security Home Screen and Norton Coupon Codes

Norton Security offers everything that you could expect from normal antivirus software. Then what is so special about this program? The answer to this is simple. Though Norton Security offers everything a normal antivirus does, it has some more features to offer. It provides:

  • Virus / Malware protection.
  • Smart firewall with network scanning.
  • Removable media scanning.
  • Network Drive protection.
  • SONAR protection.
  • Compressed file protection.
  • Rootkit scanning.
  • Heuristic protection.
  • Exploit prevention.
  • Browser protection
  • Download protection
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-phishing
  • Malicious webpage blocking.
  • Norton tamper protection.
  • Idle time optimizer.
  • PC Optimization tools.
  • Parental Control and more..

According to the reviews by users, Norton Security offers all that any antivirus provides and more. Another salient feature of Norton Security is that in the first go, it scans all the files and the ones that seem safe are slotted into a different category. This speeds up the scanning process for the future as these files are not scanned over and over again. Below some screenshots can give you clear idea about its interface and features that it provides.

Norton Security tab

Norton Identity Protection

Norton Backup

Norton Performance

Norton Security Device management

As mentioned, Norton Security provides a staunch protection of identity. This means that all your secret and confidential information can be stored in one place and will be guarded with a fool proof security system, complete with a strong password and login management.

Below screenshot is showing you basic idea of all its features and settings. Every feature have its own options for those who wants for customization in the security software.

Norton Settings

What requirements are needed to run the program?

In order to ensure that Norton Security software successfully operates on your PC, you should check the requirements list. You should have any of the following operating systems installed: Vista 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 in 32 or 64 bits and Windows XP 32 bits.

Many PC users are concerned that will this security system run on older devices with older installed systems or not. Unfortunately, Norton Security perhaps is not fully compatible with older systems and devices and it is preferable that anyone with an older device should consider another security program. New Norton is fully compatible with Windows 10.

Apart from Windows it can also be installed on Mac computers and can also be installed in Smartphones or Tablets. Norton mobile security is fully compatible with Android and iOS based devices.

How to install and set up the program?

According to the users’ feedback, it is very easy and quick to install Norton Security, as compared to the previous and other security programs. However, some users had to say that the sign up, pop up that persuades the user to sign up for an account, can be very irritating but that is not even a big problem and can be dealt easily. The program may also require the users to reboot that system but that can be carefully avoided too.

How effective is this security program?

According to the feedback by many users, the security system provided by Norton Security is very dependable. It can efficiently find and solve the threats that your PC is facing. To prove things more experimentally, Norton Security has successfully passed AV-Test conducted by AV-Test Institute, with a great score. The security program has proved itself to have a almost 100% solid virus detection mechanism.

How is the help and support department?

Norton Security is one of those few security systems that are easy to follow and install. However, if there are still issues, Symantec provides its users with a very gracious help and support system. It has a 24/7 help and support system which helps the users a lot. Many users appreciate this aspect in their feedback and share how this has made the whole process a lot easier for them.

Symantec has gone so far and claimed that if anyone who has installed and configured the program correctly, gets a security violation on their systems, the company will refund their purchase money. If this is not a reasonable guarantee then what is it? Symantec is offering its money and reputation in exchange for any problems with the Norton Security.


Norton Security is an excellent security system which is not only effective but also cheap. It offers everything that an antivirus program does and more. The extra features provided but the program are helpful and unique to find in a regular antivirus program.

It have many layers of protection and scanning engine to protect completely from any type of threats. Personally I am using it from years and found not any issue using this software. Neither my computer got infected in presence of the Norton.

They are also providing a money back guarantee under their 100% virus free promise. So I think it is worth to go with Norton Security. It is more affordable if you use the Norton Coupon Codes.

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