The experience with Windows 10 aims to be better and better. For it Microsoft makes an effort to add new features with each update. Among these new features is the use of voice command for searches. In this way, the Redmond people are testing to add this function to the operating system. In order to improve the way of interacting with applications and files. For example, in some tools mostly used as the file explorer.

The tests go back to last September. When the company experimented with a version of the screen keyboard This version included two new features. The first, a new emojis selector. And the second, a function called ‘Windows Voice Typing’. In this way, Microsoft gradually leads to a greater use of voice in its operating system. Just like Google does with its applications on mobile devices.

Voice search is almost a fact

Basically Microsoft wants to incorporate voice search into all text fields. With access to the Windows Search API. As soon as this function is available, a series of permissions must be granted. To configure the identification by voice command it is necessary to press the Windows + H keys.

Afterwards, the system will display a box with the possibility of configuring the voice recognition function. Afterwards, clicking will redirect to the Voice window. There you can activate the recognition. With the granting of these permissions you will be able to enjoy the function. Basically, the new function consists of a widget that allows the voice to be used to dictate the text to be searched. In addition, it will allow a more precise voice search. It will also support automatic punctuation. That is, by activating an option the user will be able to add periods, commas and other signs. Only using the intonation of your voice.

It certainly means a quite attractive advance. However, it also has its disadvantages. Because it involves giving Microsoft even more access to user information. The company said it relies on users to provide their voice clips to optimize the search. Meanwhile, the update is expected to be available on other devices. At the moment, the voice recognition option is active in some countries and languages. Such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, among others. Also, it is expected that the function will be definitely available with the next major Windows update.

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