The Redmond people are leading the console race with the launch of the new Xbox Series. Days before Sony placed on sale the PlayStation 5. In short, these presentations mark a milestone in the era of consoles for gaming. And they arrive precisely when the Christmas season approaches. The race for the lead is located in this time due to the high sales produced at this time of year.

Previously, the technological giants had clashed. At the end of 2013, for the launch of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. On that occasion, Microsoft lagged behind Sony, selling only the equivalent of half the consoles sold by the Japanese company. This time, Americans hope to win a rematch, because conditions are different. According to Ampere Analisys, those in Redmond are now better prepared for battle.

Xbox Series for everyone

Both Sony and Microsoft present two versions of the consoles with different prices. In particular, the Redmond ones bring the Xbox Series X, the premium model with a value of approximately $500. Similarly, they present the Xbox Series S, which is more affordable for users, but with lower resolution and size. Also, without a disk reader. This console costs approximately $300.

Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 Sales in Times of Pandemic

While these releases are a milestone in the history of game consoles, the pandemic changes the experience. Faced with this reality, both the American and Japanese companies have demonstrated by establishing biosecurity measures. Sony, for example, announced that after the launch of the PS5, it will not be available for sale in its stores. Therefore, it implored consumers not to camp outside the points of sale for their safety. For its part, Microsoft organized a series of online events prior to the launch of the console.

All of these initiatives seek to preserve the impact of the launches, and facilitate the experience even in the midst of confinement. But inevitably, many of the potential buyers will have to wait months to acquire the equipment. As they adapt to the new online purchase modality, there may be hoarding and the stock may easily run out. In the meantime, we rejoice in this new era in the world of video games.

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