Shock in the world of cybersecurity companies. However, cybersecurity aspects are not the reason. This time, in the middle of the controversy is the US company McAfee. The focus of attention lies in a legal problem of its founder, John McAfee, creator of McAfee antivirus. He was arrested and remanded in custody in Spain.

McAfee is one of the largest companies specializing in computer security and antivirus in the world. John McAfee (involved in the legal problem) was one of the first designers of antivirus software. He was also one of the first to develop an antivirus scanner. Before devoting himself entirely to his company McAfee Associates he worked at the NASA institute. Specify me as a programmer for Space Studies in New York. Subsequently, he worked in different companies related to the design and development of software and antivirus.

Requested for tax evasion

Everything was going well for the businessman until October 3, 2020. On that day he was arrested at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport for tax offenses in the United States. Subsequently, the following day he appeared before the magistrate via videoconference. The arrest was made at the request of the United States. Since the country claims the businessman for 5 crimes of tax evasion and non-payment of taxes. In this way, according to the country’s prosecutor, McAfee generated millions of income from cryptocurrencies. In addition, from conferences and consulting work. Also from the sale of his life story for the making of a documentary.

These jobs would have brought him millions in revenue. Despite this, between the years 2014 and 2018 the businessman did not file a tax return. Based on the indictment, McAfee evaded taxes during those years. Ordering to deposit the income in bank accounts and cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Likewise, it states that he attempted to evade the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by hiding assets such as real estate and vehicles. Placing them in the name of third parties.

Provisional imprisonment until extradition

After his arrest, a former judge ordered the provisional detention of the businessman in December last year. While he awaits extradition to the US. Thus, on January 14, the Criminal Chamber of the Audiencia Nacional confirmed the situation. Consequently, the Chamber rejected the arguments presented in the appeal. Regarding the delay of the U.S. authorities for the remission of the extradition documents. In addition to the lack of legitimacy and necessity of the measure imposed by the Spanish authorities.

“The personal and family roots that he invokes are insufficient, given the short age of the lease he provides”

The Second Section of the Criminal Court of the Audiencia Nacional

Thus, the court insists that apart from the evasion of justice in your country and another. Along with the refusal to surrender, the invoked allegation of personal and family roots is insufficient. Also the impossibility to deduce from the medical history presented a risk to his health. The latter due to the permanence in prison. Since he can continue his treatment while in prison. Thus, the businessman is confined to prison. Even without arriving to his country.

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