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If you have been a fan of McAfee security solutions, then this would probably grab your interest. McAfee recently announced that they are releasing their newest security solution edition, the McAfee 2017 for McAfee Anti virus, Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total security & Live Safe. McAfee have did great improvements to its new edition as they have integrated Cloud technology to make it more powerful. Now bulky McAfee is much lighter and faster then its previous version.

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McAfee 2017

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What is new in McAfee 2017

  • New virus Protection Pledge. 100% Virus removal or Money back.
  • New Real Protect virus detection technology. Cloud based malware detection technology.
  • Multifactor Password Management with Facial fingerprint recognition features.
  • Improved WebAdvisor to stop visiting bad websites.
  • Secure unlimited device you own with single license.

New features in the Previous version McAfee 2016

  • McAfee enhanced the performance of the product to make it lighter and faster.
  • Online backup has been integrated again in this version which was discontinued in previous year.
  • In recent versions adware was taken very lightly by McAfee but now they have improved the adware protection.
  • True Key identity manager.
  • Fully Compatible with Windows 10.

What was new in 2015 EditionMcAfee 2015 download, Review and coupon codes

The newest edition of McAfee online security solutions brings a lot of new features to the table. However, one security solution that seems to grab the spotlight in McAfee 2015 is the McAfee LiveSafe.
The McAfee LiveSafe is a specially designed security solution for people who want to store and safeguard sensitive data online. It works like a cloud-based security system and the only way to access the data is through facial and voice recognition. As the new system is a cloud-based, this means that users can access their data wherever they go, either through a smartphone or tablet.

McAfee Live Safe

The company puts a lot of publicity to the new McAfee LiveSafe. According to the company, their main target for the new addition is for people who are looking for a security solution for storing personal and sensitive data. A few examples would be like passports, deeds and wills. Although McAfee spent a lot of great effort to create a highly secure cloud storage vault, most analysts would recommend being very cautious as the McAfee may be very reputable when it comes to online security, but the new system is yet to be user-tested beyond reasonable doubt. In the end, it’s still your call as a consumer. Nevertheless, it’s a great new solution, especially if you consider the price.

Pricing structure still remains. This means, just like previously, after you have paid for the McAfee 2015 online security solutions, you will be able to use it for one year and you have to pay for another year if you want to continue using the software. It’s still on a yearly subscription structure. The exact price of McAfee varies, depending on where you shop. In fact, you can shop through your mobile devices.
Another area that is focused by McAfee security solutions is the aspect of mobile security. According to the company, it’s clear that mobile technology and users will continue to increase. As a response, the 2015 McAfee is designed to offer increased security solutions for mobile platforms. Aside from that, McAfee still delivers overall reputable security solutions for the average consumer.

Also, the new McAfee 2015 features McAfee SafeKey. It’s an online security storage for keeping usernames and passwords safe and secure. With the SafeKey, the user only needs to remember one password, and that is the password to McAfee SafeKey. With McAfee enabled, the software will log-in to different websites and key-in your username and password for that specific website for you safely and securely.

Overall, this recent edition of McAfee comes with an upgraded detection for malware. This new upgrade covers all of the elements of McAfee 2015. Of course, the main purpose of the upgrade is for increased security for consumers in response to the changing security-needs of the public. Also, the new edition makes it possible for consumers to add additional devices in one click.

McAfee Download, Install, upgrade and renewal

Click to download McAFee 2017After download you can Install it as normal way if you are a first time user. If you are an existing user and want to upgrade your previous version to the New 2015 version then you have to remove the previous installed version and install a fresh copy of the new release.

Though McAfee product subscription comes with Auto-Renewal functionality that your product get renewed automatically but if you auto renewal option is disabled you can renew it manually using following steps.

If your subscription is already active you will get a notification one month before its expiration and you just have renew it. But if your subscription has been already expired then along with the renewal you also have to Re-Install the McAfee product.

Trouble shooting

If you are getting problem in installing, re-installing of McAfee products then you can use the Official McAfee removal tool to uninstall McAfee product completely from your device and then re install it will solve most of your problem. If still you have some issue then you contact McAfee customer support.

McAfee Review

Just like before, McAfee online security solutions are designed to protect users from the latest online threats, malware and viruses while surfing through the Internet. It also includes parental control for keeping the young ones safe not only from malware and online threats, but also from malicious websites. McAfee features cross-platform protection from Mac to PC and from tablets to smartphones. This security solution enables monitoring and managing the various security solutions from a single location which greatly increases its convenience, functionality and usability. The latest edition also features upgraded protection from mobile spam and viruses. Also, the latest edition comes with an interface that is easy to use and intuitive for the average consumer.
McAfee 2017 has been recently released to the public for its products. It comes with many improvements, especially when it comes to the upgraded malware detection engine. The edition spotlights McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee SafeKey. For users of McAfee and their security solutions, the new edition is definitely worth checking.

McAfee Coupon Codes

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    I have Sam’s Club purchase of AntiVirus Plus 2015 and do not have direction to update my software last year — can you help me ASAP????????????


  5. David Legaard says

    I need information/help getting my AntiVirus Plus 2015 installed that was just purchased –I need help!!!!!

    1. Techexpert says

      David, What exact problem are you facing. Download the McAfee product you purchase and run the installer. It is very easy to install it. Please let us know the exact problem that we can help you.

  6. David Legaard says

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    I bought my card at a retailer in july.But since that day i bought an other Pc. Acer. And i can not find the renewal to that new pc. I have McAfee LiveSafe . 2015 My code is *****[hidden for privacy and security].

    Please would you make my inscription. I bought the one at 79.$ but i had a coupon of 30 off when i bought this PC.

    I will be very greateful my card is good until the 15 July 2016

    Thank you very much for your help. Very grateful.

    1. Techexpert says

      Please download and install mcafee live safe on new bought PC and activate the software with the code given by you. It will get activated automatically on New PC. But if does not work Please contact directly to the McAfee Support Department.
      See the link containing support numbers for all countries For US customers use this link

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