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Malware disguises itself as Cyberpunk 77 for Android

The controversy around Cyberpunk 77 continues. However, this time due to a security problem. An apparent version of the game for Android has turned out to be malware. The malware installed on the device hijacked the user’s data. Subsequently, it charged $500 for the recovery of the information.

Recently Cyberpunk 77 was also at the center of criticism. CD Projekt, the creators of the game, faced massive returns. After a wave of criticism that forced the company to accept returns. Because the PS4 and Xbox One versions are practically impossible to play. In fact, in a Twitter statement the company apologized to users. And despite asking for a “new opportunity” for the game, it offered to accept returns from dissatisfied users.

Malware instead of video games

Certainly cyber-criminals don’t waste opportunities. That’s why they take advantage of the controversy and popularity of video games. In particular, console versions are the focus of attention. This is why criminals use an apparent Android phone version to cheat. In reality, instead of the mobile game, the download is a pathogen. Basically, the malware blocks the phone. It encrypts the data contained, “hijacking” it. It then asks for a ransom of approximately $500 to retrieve it.

The discovery of this malware was made by Tatyana Shishkova, a Kaspersky researcher. Through her Twitter account, the cyber-security specialist explained the virus. In addition to the details of the malware, Shishkova provided information on how to recover the data without paying. Fortunately, the solution is in the malware itself. Because it includes an algorithm with the encrypted key. It is therefore possible to use it and recover the files without paying.

Previously, cyber-crooks used a similar tactic with Cyberpunk 77. The user also lost access to data when installing it. However, they have not found the key in this malware. Therefore it is necessary to pay to recover the files. This is why it is recommended to install reliable apps. Remember that there is no way to download the game for free.

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