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Kaspersky warns about 20 malicious Minecraft apps

Video games are attractive to young and old alike. This is why cybercriminals don’t waste time and take advantage of attacks. This is now the case with Minecraft. The company of IT security Kaspersky reported malware contained in 20 apps. which were available in the Google Play Store as mods apps for Minecraft. So be aware before you download Minecraft next time.

Minecraft game scene

Minecraft grew in popularity over the last few years. Although Markuss Person developed the game in 2009. However, Microsoft acquired the game in 2014. From then on, it generated new editions. For example, Education Edition, prepared for schools with characteristics of the school environment. Therefore, Minecraft is much more than entertainment. Precisely because of its appeal to all audiences it was an easy target.

The 20 malicky apps offered moodpacks of the game. In other words, user-created packages of extra elements for the game. However, when installing the apps and opening them, users could not find any downloaded. On the contrary, the apps “disappeared” and instead displayed intrusive advertisements. Since this was still developing in the background.

Adware disguised as moodpacks apps for Minecraft

hese apps were really adware. Adware is malicious software that spews advertising unwanted highly invasive devices. In particular, Minecraft apps opened browser windows every 2 minutes. Interrupting the correct use of the device. In addition, they could open google play and facebook . They could even play videos from Youtube.

“We inform Google about the mentioned malicious applications
previously and are already eliminated. However, it is worth mentioning that even if the applications are removed from Google Play, they will remain on the smartphones of the users who installed them. Cyber-crooks can try to return their applications to the store by modifying them and publishing them from a different developer account”.

Kaspersky team’s

According to Kaspersky’s research, most apps were removed from google play. Despite that, there were apps with more than 1 million downloads. Others, on the contrary, had only 500. Given this discovery, the security company recommended checking the apps’ permissions. They also warned about the dangers of downloads from unknown developers. They also invited children to learn about detecting malicious apps.

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