How to remove Kaspersky? Download Kaspersky removal / uninstall tool


To uninstall Kaspersky we can use the add / remove feature in Windows. As an antivirus install deeply in the system for better protection, So uninstalling with normal way may left over some registry entries and other files in the system. That why we should use the removal tool for complete uninstall.

Kaspersky removal tool

Kaspersky removal tool is a utility to uninstall kaspersky labs products completely from the computers. This tool works well for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Below link will redirect to the official download page on kaspersky. This is also known as kavremover tool.

Download Kaspersky Removal Tool


How to remove / uninstall Kaspersky?

  • First download kavremover tool from the link given above.
  • Run the downloaded file and click on install anyway if asked.
  • Accept the terms and then it will ask you to enter the security code. You can refresh the code if unable to read it properly. It is a captcha to make sure that it is not used by some bot.
  • It will automatically detect the installed product. And you just have select the right product and click on Remove button.
  • After a while it will give you the message that removal has been completed.
  • Restart the computer.

Kaspersky removal tool


Q: Why to use Kaspersky removal tool.

A: As mentioned above we use it for a complete removal of Kaspersky software from the computer. It helps when users face issue during reinstallation and license activation etc.

Kaspersky Download

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  1. kk says

    plz provide tool

  2. Fabrice says

    no comment

  3. Cheryl says

    I tried to uninstall Kaspersky Pure using Kaspersky Lab but it stall at remove drivers. Even after a couple of hours nothing. Suggestions?

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try their removal tool, Here is the link of Kaspersky removal tool page

  4. jay sobarnia says

    Hope it successfully deletes all of 2014 internet security

  5. riddhi parekh says

    i want to uninstall kasperky but there r some prob in uninstalling

    1. Techexpert says

      You should try their own uninstaller. Kaspersky uninstall Tool is listed above on this article. If doesn’t work their own uninstaller then you may uninstall it through REVO uninstall tool. Let us know for further help.

  6. riddhi parekh says

    unistall the kasperky

  7. Prateek Singhal says

    This Thing Really Works !!!!
    Thanxxxxxxxxxxx a lot…………

  8. Adel says

    cant download Kaspersky uninstall tool

    1. Techexpert says

      Download link is already mentioned in this article and we also have checked to download it. Please try again it is working fine. Please try again.

  9. e shaw says

    trying to download new pure3.0

    1. Techexpert says

      E Shaw, Here is the link to Download Kaspersky Pure 3 Total Security.

      1. CHARLENE NORMAN says

        I tried this, says cannot open this file, when I turn on my tablet I have to put in code. Whats up. Flustered.

  10. malleshgowda says

    I want remove

  11. wayne says

    Worked a treat, now my computer is fast again 🙂
    big thanks for posting this.

  12. greg says

    Why the hell do u need us to include a code into the unistaller? FOr me it doesnt work and the captcha code another anomoly time waster ge rid of all this nonsense.

  13. pritesh says

    nice thank you so much this software or tool works for me
    my Kaspersky internet security has been remove permanently with the help of this tool or software

    Don’t know about other but it should work in windows 8.1
    Because i am using windows 8.1 and its works for me

  14. Baraa says

    Thank you,its really work with kaspersky internet security 2014

  15. Susan says

    Kaspersky uninstall does not work in Windows 8.1. HELP

  16. Nym says

    I will never use their products again. Life is too short.

  17. Leland says

    The removal tool stalls when the green bar is complete and I don’t get the reboot window. This is a disaster when a Anti-virus acts like a virus. I will never buy this product again.

  18. chrissy says

    I need to get this off of my mac your download tool is for windows 🙁 please help thank you

  19. Zurlita M. says

    The worst antivirus I have ever used. Instead of protecting your computer it makes it slow and creates problems. I have tried the whole day to get rid of Kaspersky KIS 2015. Now it’s almost night and I still have a window on the screen saying to wait for the program to be uninstalled.

    1. Techexpert says

      We should try REVO uninstaller to remove kaspereky antivirus.

  20. Roann says

    I am trying to remove Kaspersky Security Suite 14 with Revo Uninstaller BUT it stalls with a Kaspersky Window saying it’s preparing to install!????? Why? Any help? Thanks

  21. ManojHG says

    this one works yahoooooooooooooooooo………….


    So I used the tool and downloads, try to open it and it says, cannot open file

  23. Sourabh says

    i forgot my password and uninstall process won’t proceed without it..

  24. kasun says


  25. lame says

    Genious tool, which saved me humiliation as IT proffessional (not really i’m just sys. admin ) trying to install Kaspersky 2015 Internet Security on PC previously running KIS 2013.
    Uninstalled KIS 2013 obviously was problem in installation of KIS 2015.
    Installation progress bar was hitting 100% and the it announced installation failure (reason unknown). I tried different instaler packages , running from different acceount, deleting all “kaspersky” keys/values from registry, reinstalling .NET – all this at least 10 times and each installation try needed machine restart. Then run this tool and what ? 100% installation success .
    Many Thanks.

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