The arrival of the new president of the United States is a global event. In equal measure, controversial and mediatic. Much is said about Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House. In the short time he has been in office, the president has made important decisions. Among them is the summoning of cybersecurity experts to lead cyber national security.

It is well known that U.S. cybersecurity is the focus of attacks. In fact, it was recently the victim of a series of attacks that threatened national security. However, in President Trump’s past term in office, cybersecurity was under question. Starting with the firing of Chris Krebs, federal cybersecurity leader. After Trump’s defeat in the past presidential election. Previously, some measures affected the stability of national security coordination. In addition to the cut in the State Department’s budget.

Joe Biden and Barak Obama

Joe Biden elevates the importance of national cybersecurity

A few days into his term, Joe Biden is making clear his commitment to cybersecurity. Mainly because of the hackers called “SolarWindsHack” who attacked national security. Even more so at this time when the country is recovering from these recent cyber-attacks.

It is a breakthrough to see the priority that the new administration is giving to cybersecurity

Suzanne Spaulding, director of the Democratic Defense of Institutions project.

As a result, the new president recruited a group of experts with extensive backgrounds in national security. In an effort to curtail cyberattacks. Prominent among them are Sherwood-Randall as National Security Advisor. Likewise, National Security Agency (NSA) cybersecurity director Anne Neuberger. She will serve as Deputy National Security Advisor. Russ Travers will serve as Deputy National Security Advisor.

Other figures are the senior cyber advisor within the National Security Council. Michael Sulmeyer will serve in this position. Additionally, Caitlin Durkovich will serve in the position of senior director for resilience and response. Soon, other conveners will fill the vacant roles. Hopefully all will carry the focus had thus far.

Ultimately these actions stand in contrast to those taken by Trump on cybersecurity. Although the former president’s administration elevated the role of Cyber Command. In many choices he downgraded the importance of cybersecurity. This is why the Biden administration is expected to do more to help preserve national security. And therefore this newly convened team will provide a timely response to cyber crisis situations.

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