McAfee 2017 seems to be one of those antivirus programs that does its job without a fuss. Available across all your devices from Windows to Mac to even smartphone OS like Android and iOS, the antivirus program does a good job when it comes to blocking phishing attempts and malicious URL’s. McAfee fives option to choose best fit programs from its products McAfee Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security and Live Safe 2017.

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New in McAfee 2017

The one thing that makes McAfee 2017 Antivirus Plus stand out from any of its competitors is that you only need to buy one license now. You can just buy one license and install them on all your devices, from iOS to Android.
McAfee 2017 can protect all your devices fairly well, and offers some great bonus features. Here is a look.

1. Virus Protection Pledge

There is a new Virus Protection Pledge this year; that McAfee is offering. Under it, if there is any virus that the software couldn’t recognize, McAfee’s tech support will help you with everything including remote diagnosis and remediation. And if the problem cannot be fixed, you get your money back. However, you would need to sign up for the automatic renewal service if you want the pledge to be activated.

2. Real Protect

There is a completely new virus detection system under the hood, called Real Protect. Real Protect focuses on behavior-based detection, and if it detects any malware, can roll back any activity. So, you will be protected from both known and unknown viruses since the system will look at the behavior of each program over time to check if anything is being compromised upon.

3. Multi Factor Password Management

McAfee’s True Key now comes with multi factor password authentication like facial recognition and Fingerprints. True key is a way to securely login to any websites without remembering lots of passwords. Now with new updates it includes Master password reset and Import of passwords from other password managers.

4. WebAdvisor

The WebAdvisor browser extension works really well, and first examines a download to check if it is safe. There are two protection layers to ensure nothing suspicious passes through

The program can block spam mails successfully, and protect files in devices in case of thefts. There are also parental controls and encryption capabilities to keep the device safe.
At a price of around $59.99, the McAfee Antivirus Plus subscription is on the higher side, but then, you can install and run it on all devices that you own, making it a fantastic bargain. Should you want to spend less, you can go in for the McAfee 2017 antivirus package that will cost you $39.99 but will be valid for just one PC.
Instead, we would suggest you go for the McAfee 2017 Antivirus Plus than just the Antivirus one to save big.

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