We proudly introduce our “Adware Removal Tool”. It’s specially designed to remove Ad-wares. This tool is developed by team. It’s a Freeware tool. This tool can remove most of the Adwares from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and from registry as well.

Adware Removal Tool is completely free of charge tool. Actually it’s based on donation. So please consider to do some contribution after solve your issue. Thanks

For any technical help:- Please contact us for any additional help at our official email address We’ll be happy to assist you.

Click here to download latest version of Adware Removal Tool.


How to use Adware Removal Tool.
How to use “Undo Repair” option to restore Google Chrome & Firefox as like before.


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  1. Matt says

    this program is fantastic thank you very much guys 🙂

    1. Sam says

      thanks a ton… fantastic tool…

    2. Vitor says

      Thank you so much, I add this page on favorites to donate later ^^!!!

      1. Greg says

        Great job people, fast and simple and passed my virus scanner too

    3. David says

      My problem hijacker was was within a PDF to Word software software installer, so it ended up on both Explorer 8 and Firefox 24 home pages no matter what I tried. I will try your fix for a 2nd time even thought I have been through the registry, have SuperAntiSpyware Pro and Comodo Internet Security 2013.

      1. hai says

        great job

    4. xequim says

      Thank you so much, I add this page on favorites to donate later

      1. hom tanks says

        helped me out a ton thanks brahs

    5. Hoa Nguyen says

      It is great, thank you very much.

    6. Anurag says

      Thnx a Lot .. Good Job

    7. Leia says

      Thank goodness I was going nuts trying to get rid of that stupid! Happy to make a donation.

    8. outmane4 says

      Thank you thank you thank you! dosearches had totally hijacked my computer and nothing worked.

    9. Mahesh Rana says

      Thanks a lot to techsupportall. It’s really a great program.

    10. mina says

      thank you so much , finally I got rid of this qone8 by the ad removal tool from your site

    11. Julie says

      I loved that you got rid of start qone8 🙂 happy happy

    12. bucbowie says

      I concur. Removed immediately. Recommend this to all.

    13. ganesh says

      Excellent – work done. Thanks

    14. krik says

      Fantastic tool..thanks for all the help

    15. Sueb says

      virus always update.
      but, this software ?
      it’s not work for me, let’s kill mystartsearch with all attacker.

      1. GranAB says

        Just like this person I also used it to try to remove mystartserch wich is opened when I use the Opera as home page bu no malware removal tool I use seems to remove it so I’ll try all attacker and let you know how that worked.

    16. salve says

      perfect tool in just few seconds I got red of the spyware

    17. carlos says

      thanks… it worked

    18. a k singh says

      COULD NOT REMOVE ‘ROLL AROUND’ Malaware (Conduit)

    19. Qaradaghy says

      Excellent tools, thanks for developers. I spent more than 20 minutes to download another hard spyware remover, but it failed at last. this is a quick tool and active remover in seconds. Thanks

    20. venus says

      ty u so much!!

    21. NamemeAC says

      Thanks! This is great!

    22. mohd jefri says

      really work and helpful

  2. Suren says

    you made it so simple. still can’t believe it……..

  3. sam says


  4. Sanita says

    thanks a lot

  5. satya says

    this program was unable to remove from my computer

    1. Techexpert says

      First of all I would really appreciate your feedback, we have received your feedback on “Adware Removal Tool” to trying to fix issue. Our “Adware Removal Tool” must be worked on it but due some reason it did not worked on it. Anyway, Could you please explain little bit more what exactly happened when you run that tool. Kindly answer my following questions. so that you can help us to improve our “Adware Removal Tool” features. We would really appreciate that.

      1. In which browser is still persist ?

      2. Which operating system do you have on that computer?

      3 Did you received finished message when you run that tool (After click on repair button)

      4. Did you get all four green tick marks on finish message ? or got any red cross mark any field ?

      We are looking forward to your reply.

      1. Anthony says

        1: On google Chrome and internet explorer
        2: Windows 7 Home
        3: Yes
        4: Except for firefox [ i dont have firefox anyway]

    2. Anthony says

      yeah same here

  6. Dr. Gerald Nyasulu says

    Thanks a lot for this great adware removal tool. I have been trying to remove the Qvo6 virus from my laptop for the last 2 hrs using every information available on the web. But when I got in touch Danny on the live chat he provided me with the adware removal tool link. It took only a couple of seconds to have the Qvo6 virus removed from my laptop!! Unbelievable. I am more than happy to make a donation to keep your great work going!!!

  7. Jim Scott says

    Tried to donate but got no response when I filled in details I did not get connected to Paypal or other credit card options. Your program got rid of very quickly thank you.

  8. nanda says

    I tried to remove qvo6 for a long time…but you guys done a great job with in a second… nice job… thank you so much….

  9. nanda says

    Dear, I removed qvo6 from my search engine with the help of our removal tool. after that when I opened IE directly the page shows the URL is this correct or wrong gate way. kindly clarify me

    1. Techexpert says

      It is perfectly OK. So don’t worry about it.

  10. Zack says

    Thank for preparing such a adware removal software. It really worked and I removed from my laptop the Qvo6 virus. It was attached to my google chrome browser and I couldn’t achieve to remove it without your software.

    I would like to give some hints about my laptop.
    I use Vista SP2 and my chrome browser was infected with that virus. Thanks to the software it’s not there anymore.

    Thanks a lot.

  11. manjeet says

    Thanks a lot to solve my problem…………..pls carry on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rds says

    it seems ok (not so say briliant) to me…

  13. Shay says

    The automatic removal tool worked perfectly and removed the annoying QVO6 from my IE browser.
    Thanks a lot!

  14. vestfyen says

    Thank you for help removing Qvo6!

  15. Terry says

    Thank you program didn’t remove Qvo6 but it did add google to the add on manager and it allowed me to manually remove it when I couldn’t before Thanks again will donate asap

  16. Joe says

    excellent stuff………..

  17. Akashdeep Gogoi says

    Superb…Thank you so very much….It was troubling me since the last 2 months…..Now it is gone with one click…Thank you people .!

  18. BHUSHAN says

    Thanks for your great service. I was facing the issue of qvo6 search page.It is solved in 2 minutes by your adware removal tool.Thanks once again.

  19. Erick says

    I tried five different programs (including some of the big virus scanners) to remove all malware, the last of which being from Adware. Adware was the first (and by far the fastest!) to be able to remove the things I wanted to be removed. Thank you guys!

  20. louis says


  21. Marius says

    i can`t belive it how this program resolve the problem so fast…thank`s a lot of who created this program

  22. Sophie says

    Ran the program yesterday. It removed Tuvaro an It was awesome. Turned my computer on today and opened my browsers…both are back…
    Just ran the program again…hope it works?

    1. Techexpert says

      Hi Sophie,

      You have ran our tool and after reboot Sanpdo comes again. It means you haven’t uninstalled Snapdo & Tuvaro from your control panel. so first of all uninstall them from control panel and then run a virus scan by “Hitman pro” you may find all tools from page, and then run our tool again “Adware removal Tool”. You’ll definitely remove it completely after all that.

      Let me know if need any further help.


  23. Dex says

    This programme is absolutely astonishing. Thank you!!

  24. bisan says

    great man you are god..!! finally I get read of this Qvo6

  25. Karan says

    Thanking you for this amazing adware removal tool, finally get rid of dosearhes page(bing search engine).
    Thanx a lot

  26. sunny says


  27. TAZ says

    Worked like a treat, all fixed.

  28. Ian Marie says

    Thank you for your software. It worked with me. 🙂

  29. Anaini tribilium says

    I will donate you 5 bugs ounce I get my creditcard thanks for the rapid help

  30. Riaz ali says

    thanks a lot once again thanks ,

    1. harry says

      awesome……. i would say…… i have never seen such fast and accurate results by any software. I really thank to the maker of the software. I would surely donate to some day. Thanks again.

  31. mike says

    thnks ,, iam hopely lost from this crapp

  32. mary says

    Great,. It was simple and effective.
    keep up the good work.

  33. govind says

    thanks a lot …finally my problem sloved qvo6 is removed

  34. tammy says

    thank you so much

  35. osman says

    this program is amazing, and fastest I have ever seen. It cleaned adware insantly. Thank you…

  36. Krishnudu says

    Great tool.

  37. Pradeep says

    Thanks a lot for ur tool…..:)

  38. ariana says


  39. Carl Boshoff says had become a real pain in the arse, as it was there by choice! Thanks!

  40. P.Arunachalam says

    Thanks a lot.

  41. Alan says

    Thank you!

  42. Velanganni says

    Dear sir,
    Thank you very much for your program guide. it is very useful for every one.

  43. adi says

    I tried to remove this redirect for 4 hrs, did everything including registry keys, but the homepage was back again every time… great software, it restored my homepage in no time

  44. VIJAI says

    Thanks alot

  45. Jess says

    It was fast, effective, and worked like a charm! Goodbye annoying conduit search engine~

  46. Akira says

    Thank you thank you thank you! dosearches had totally hijacked my computer and nothing worked.

  47. tamim says

    Thank you for getting rid of that exceedingly annoying Delta-homes adware… it was stuck. this software did the trick

  48. jellyfish says

    Oh My God thank you so very much. I tried everything to get rid of the dosearches. I was so desperate I was at the point of reinstalling my windows
    This program is just amazing

  49. Kaloyan says


  50. sandeep says

    Thnx guys…reeally working… keep it up

  51. anonymous says

    thanks guys without your help i wouldnt be able to remove this adware
    Excelent service

  52. amolak s kalsi says

    thanks for providing this wonderful utility. it worked

  53. Isabel says

    I made a donation , thanks for all the hard work . Regards

  54. Mel says

    Thank you so much, I had done all I could do to remove conduit virus and nothing worked!!! Until I downloaded this…. thanks so much!!!

  55. adogra says

    thanks for removing unwanted softwear

  56. good says

    This is the only program that removed dosearches hijacker. Thank you!

  57. Tom says

    Nice tool, fixed it in about 10sec…..Awsome ! Thx

  58. Paolo says

    Thank you so much for your work! If I had money I would help you :'(
    Thank you VERY VERY much for your Adware removal tool

  59. Balaji says

    I got the qvo6 removed from my laptop

  60. prashanth says

    great it’s working thanx a lot

  61. Nitish says

    Thanks a ton man. I really tried hard to get read of that qo6 adware, but it was really annoying and was difficult to remove. But your tool removed it within a fraction of second.
    Thanks again!!

  62. stgefan says


  63. Clayton says

    Excellent Tool. Did exactly what I wanted it to do. Perfect.

  64. Thierry says

    thanks for removal of dalesearch!

  65. FartyDude says

    thank you very much, it helped me remove qvo6 from my pc in less that 20 secs, totally amazing, thanks

  66. Helder says

    There are many aplications to remove virus, trojans, etc. None did what this simple program did. It just removes from my browsers. Thanks a lot!

  67. dan says

    THX !!!!!!!!!!!! :))

  68. Luca says

    Good!!!! Thank you!!

  69. Raj says

    Thnak you very much for adware remove tool

  70. ram says


  71. Amy says

    Thanks very much!!! I’ve finally uninstall QVO6 completely!! Thanksssss a million!!

  72. Vieira, Samuel says

    Very good! It did remove the “Dosearchers” completely!

  73. Don says

    Many thanks I’m not working at the moment so sorry the amount is so small

  74. Don says

    Many thanks

    1. amira says

      many thanks danny ,, i would like to thank you danny v. much for your professional technical support towards your customers

  75. terry putnam says

    wish i could give more, but thank you!!

  76. Gerardo says


  77. mirian says

    AWESOME! Thanks, don’t usually donate but you deserve it! cheers

  78. Domi970 says

    Merci j’ai réussi à enlever qone8 youppi?

  79. Ellen says

    Sorry that rotten qone8 is still here on my firefox, it didn’t work, would have loved for it to be gone any help would be greatly appreciated
    Regards Ellen

  80. Rom says

    Thank you. It really works.

  81. Ananta Saikia says

    Superb tool

  82. Roland says

    Great work !

  83. Pippo says

    Fantastic, thank

  84. Balaji says

    Really a fantastic QVO6 removal tools, thank you very much you peoples are genius.

  85. mr says

    Removed from Google Crome & Internet Explorer but unable to remove from FireFox Pls resolve the issue and thans

  86. Nicolas says

    Marvellous, nice, great program : thanks a lot ! 😉

  87. gera says

    I had so much toruble with start.quou8 and u guys, with just 1 click solved my problem
    thank u very much! 😀

  88. shabab says

    thanx no words how to explain i am very very happy

  89. Lowpinger says


    helps with issue: “”

  90. Srini says

    Nice tool, fixed it in about 10sec…..Awsome ! Thx

  91. cesar says

    omfg, took 5 seconds to fix it
    it works wonderfull

  92. Desesperada says

    This program is just amazing, TKX alot!!!

  93. jessica says

    thank you soo much! i was having a heart attack trying to get these viruses of my computer and thought id loose everything. i will donate once i have full on security programs on my computer .. im alitlle paranoid to pay for anything via the net atm.

    thank you!

  94. Mac says

    Excellent to remove QVo6 ! Keep it up guys…. Superb

  95. Vijay says

    Excellent repair in just a second…… fabulous

  96. tim says

    yep ! it got rid of in a flash!!! most excellent, thank you

  97. mart says

    this was so easy. thanks!

  98. Dan says

    It worked on IE 11.
    Thank you.

  99. Lee says

    Very impressive…immediately and quickly removed QVO6, a really nasty, though thankfully benign, and unwanted intrusion on my browsers. Definitely worth a donation. If I find more benefits, I’ll continue supporting your services.

  100. Lee says

    Very impressive…immediately and quickly removed QVO6, a really nasty, though thankfully benign, and unwanted intrusion on my browsers. Definitely worth a donation. If I find more benefits, I’ll continue supporting your services.

  101. Boon Tay says

    Excellent !!

  102. gosb says

    Gr8 apps dude… Thanks a lot!

  103. gosb says

    gr8 job dude! Thanks a lot!

  104. Har says

    Tx guys

  105. Bala says

    Wow!!! Excellent work keep it up- Kudos to the developers

  106. julle says


  107. Edi says


  108. Mani says

    It worked

  109. Mani says

    It worked for Do search

  110. amit says

    Thank you team . You give me relief from a serious pain

  111. Marion Scott says

    Hi Folks, it appears that Google Chrome and I E have both been cleared, neither of which do I use much at all, HOWEVER, Mozilla Firefox, has an ‘X’ against it – guess that means that is has not been cleared of the menace…………confirmation appreciated……

  112. larry says

    that thief disappeared in some few seconds.. thanks for the favour..

  113. ridwan says

    can not remove qvo6 on firefox

  114. Rogerio says

    Thanks Guys, this program is very useful. Works very well.

  115. bandit says


  116. Mariya says

    Thank you so so so so so much!!!!!!

  117. ron says

    Perfect tool helped to clean up virus!

  118. Stavrakasgr4 says

    Thank you so much for this app……will definetlly donate! 😉



  120. Chayce says

    shots guys, this really helped me with my qone8 probs 🙂

  121. Alan says

    Great product. after hours of searching, worked in seconds

  122. aloa says

    did its job perfectly

  123. Stavros says

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. fhord says

    This freeware is amazing..thanks guys!

  125. Llewellyn says

    Well done team after hours of searching the net for a fix i download your software and whalla qv06 is gone. give yourselves a pat on the back whoop whoop>

  126. robert ticehurst says

    Thankyou so much a donation is on the way

  127. Damian says

    This is great it worked for me very easy to use program

  128. Adnan Özari says


  129. Lorenzo says

    Still cant believe i just removed qone8 thanks a lot guys!!

  130. xpeech says

    Worked and didn’t. No final msg, 1st day all was ok, 2nd day the system back to the same. rerun the program but problem persists. Uninstall probably program in charge of the infestation and run your app then all ok again. 3rd day back to the same :/

  131. pippo says

    Thank you very much!!!!!

  132. Fred Kiige says

    A great tool. Many thanks.

  133. P. A. says

    Nice & Easy + Free
    Thanks a lot!

  134. Alessandro says


  135. Martin says

    Could at least remove from firefox, but keeps appearing on chrome, i don’t really use it much, but i would still like it to be gone

  136. junaks2000 says

    Thank you…

  137. fahluth says

    thanks a lot brother…

  138. stopira says

    thanks a lot

  139. a.s.francis says

    rarest of rare software for the people who love internet streaming

  140. Takis says

    Great…!!!!!!! Thanks a very lot.

  141. Balaji says

    This application is amazing…thank you very much.. 🙂

  142. blai says

    Ha funcionado perfectamente. Ha sido rápido. Muchas gracias.

  143. Milan says

    Thank you guys you are my savivor from qune8! Very good tool!

  144. ali says

    It works very well. thank you very much.

  145. Kris says

    frikin magic

  146. Dele says

    Thanks to this! I finally succeed to remove Qone8 ! Great helpful!

  147. Claus says

    Got that nasty qxxx8 that kept changing my chrome starting site.
    Your software was the only way i could get rid of that, thank you very much indeed!!!!

  148. Des says

    Very easy thanks

  149. gabor says


  150. James says

    I’ve been trying to get rid of a malware called, and it’s been 2-3 hours until I came upon this tool, which got rid of in an instant. Thank you guys!!

  151. user 001 says

    Perfectly removed Qone8
    Thanks a million! 🙂

  152. Zohre says

    thanx no words how to explain i am very very happy. the explanation for solving the problem is fantastic, thanx again

  153. Joaquim says

    Thank you, this works like a charm! best program ever!!!
    Thank you for making this free, I got no money for those paid programs

  154. Efrain Martinez says Finally gone! Thanks!!!!

  155. NEO says

    Muito bom – Removeu tudo em 2 segundos

  156. satan911 says

    thankyou so much, this was so simple with the software..
    cheers guys.. keep it up…

  157. Shalini says

    One of the best program
    Thanks 🙂

  158. brett says

    sigh… thank you so much dude. bout time this qvo6 shit was fixed.

  159. cybor says

    So many thanks, works fine !

  160. cheran says

    it’s working fine.thanks for your help

  161. Futureman says

    Great, Guys!!!

  162. Janese says

    Spyware called “MySearchDial” took over my computer. I spent days of total frustration trying to remove it. Most fixes I found on the net involved downloads (how I got it in the first place) or technical instructions that were way too complicated for me to figure out. The step by step instructions on this site were precise and easy to follow.My issue was solved in 10 minutes. I’ve gladly donated, and will in the future if I need your help again. Thanks!!

  163. jn100 says

    hihi… tq

  164. emilio says


  165. anonymous says

    thanks tried for hours manually this fixed in seconds.

  166. Thomas Dilts says

    Thanks Guys. You got rid of the browser hijacker on my computer. I was going crazy with that.

    1. suzy h says


  167. Kalle says

    I had this, and this program removed with just a few clicks! Made my day!

  168. LordCamp says

    thx a lot. really appreciated it. Keep doing a great work 🙂 I’m from Thailand by the way

  169. rosario says

    spero funzioni

  170. rosario says


  171. peter beattie says

    agent danny is a star Done a great job getting rid of a bad virus I hope my donation helps support you THANK YOU

  172. fathel says

    Hi, thanks for your help, guys.
    awesome… great….
    I can remove it from my homepage

  173. suzy h says


  174. Laura says

    Thank you so much, fixed my problem in seconds. Amazing!

  175. Jay Dilla says

    Just made my day. I will donate soon to help keep you guys around. Again, thanks.

  176. Sati says

    Gr8 work..:)

  177. Roberto Zuccari says

    This application I solved the problem, we no longer believed. Thank you very much for making this app

  178. Mats Bergstrom says

    Finally I got rid of the q8 thing, you guys rule !!

  179. jiradech N. says

    Thank you so much.You got rid of the browser hijacker on my computer.

  180. nico says

    good job!

  181. nico says

    good job

  182. Jan says


  183. rray.Rogers113066 says

    Gentlemen, I bow my head in the oresents if brillence. I had mad a 5.00 donametion.

  184. mahantesh says

    Thanu very much its amazing

  185. Saravanashankar says

    Awesome..!! Really Thanks guys. I appreciate your smart work by whole team for building this tool..!!

  186. Siroj says

    Superb! Job well done! Thanks

  187. Rahul Chauhan says

    It is very nice utility for remove unwanted search engine. Thanks

  188. hello says

    hope it will kill

  189. Nikolas says

    great tool

  190. F says

    Thank you guys so much for this tool! It worked wonders on that start qone 8 virus. YOU ARE AWESOME

  191. ike schuurman says

    thank you

  192. E.Borba says

    Thanks for your help. It worked fine.

  193. Amanda says

    Great program!!!

  194. Fernando Hernandez says

    QVO6 Finally Gone!!

  195. gage says

    awesome… this thing has been driving me nuts for like an hour and a half!!! thank god!!!

  196. TT says

    Great job thank you very much!!!

  197. daniel says

    It worked!! Thanks loads guys

  198. Wynn says

    Great Program Thanks 🙂

  199. suga says

    This is fantastic tool… excellent work…

  200. makatakha says

    such a marvellous program
    thank you

  201. amelia says


  202. josh says

    You guys are AWESOME THANX

  203. Julian says

    Great program – removed the “do search”

  204. REV. JACK L. DUIS says

    What a refreshing and delightful experience to really have a tool such as this ..”really work” …tried every thing under the sun to get rid of the Qone8 out of our PC ..this worked! What a tremendous help to us in the computer community ..

  205. Ankur says

    Th Adware-removal tool is superb, straight forward and works effortlessly in removing Qone virus.
    Thanks a ton guys! You guys rock!

  206. Sarah says

    It was so fast and I’m so happy to be rid of Qones8

  207. john says

    Your fix did not clean my firefox. Why is that since you have so many comments that are positive. This conduit search is a nasty piece of work. any suggestions?

    1. Techexpert says

      Thanks for contacting us.
      Conduit is really a very bad Adware, Our tool usually can fix that issue easily but this time might be conduit has changed their installation files name that why our tool could not found that, Conduit usually changes their installation files name everyday so that nobody can chase their locomotion. So we have to update our tool with their new files names so that tool can remove that.

      Right way to remove Conduit.
      1. Uninstall “Search protected by conduit”, “Conduit Engine” from Control panel
      2. Run our tool “Adware Removal Tool”
      3. Scan your computer with Hitman pro (Delete all the entries which would be found related with Conduit)
      4. Again run our tool “Adware Removal Tool”


  208. Sanjana says

    Thanks a ton team!! It’s really a wonderful tool

  209. sajid says

    thank you

  210. Day says


  211. Isaac says

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

  212. Amrut Navin says

    Awsome Tool did the trick in 10 Seconds.. Had been trying to get red of qone8 for last 2 days. You guys are simply great!!

  213. callum says

    awsome tool my problem was gone in seconds that had been bugging me for around 2 weeks thanks :)))

  214. edem says

    Thanks a lot

  215. Sam says

    Thanks this worked great


  216. joe c says

    many thank for your removal tool , it got rid of Qone 8 perfectly

  217. Jesus says

    Thank you very much.

  218. Cathie says

    awesome tool, have been trying to get rid of Qone8 all afternoon, it worked a wonder

  219. psw says

    Saving your site to donate later. I am not smart when it comes to keeping my laptop running for me and the internet bugs that come along “now & then”. I struggled with Qone8 bug all day long and grateful for your site – You Are Awesome! I’m glad your site was here for me! Thanks!

  220. Tea says

    awesome! It works and fixed my brower

  221. Mohamad says

    Thanks a Lot. This works Awesome.

  222. Guardian says

    Click… DONE!
    Awesome! Thank you so much guys

    I’ve been trying to remove this Qone8 Problem for hours now. Truly appreciated.

  223. Ömer says

    Thank you very much! Awesome program!!!

  224. Ben says

    Super, got rid of Qone 8 super fast. Thanks

  225. JUNIOR BROWN says

    This is one of the best service have ever came across, you guys are doing a great job,Keep up, i’m actually gonna donate $10 real soon

    Thanks Good people

  226. ahmad says

    THX alot

  227. danny says

    i was really amazed i have spent weeks trying to remove delta search bar and some annoying pop ups for weeks this removed it in seconds thanks guys really good work it installed perfectly on my 64 bit machine too

  228. jor says

    Thank you thank you thank you for removing

  229. psz says

    thanks a lot

  230. Joe says

    After many tries adware removal tools has deleted te dosearches malicious program. Thank you very much

  231. Paulsto says

    Fantastic. Many thanks guys

  232. Karien says

    Thanks awesome tool, it does what it says!

  233. Ajay Jarhad says

    Great thing thanks for making it really appreciate it

  234. Steve Nayalkar says

    Fabulous! I wanted to buy spyhunter, malawarebytes etc adwcleaner etc etc. then came across this when I googled for the 100th time. It worked. Only problem I had when I clicked on repair was it didn’t tell me anything except to donate. would have loved to see the results. Also it was too quick for me to believe it worked. No scanning, no quarantining – nothing. fantastic. Will wait a couple of days and definitely donate. Thanks again

  235. Steve N says

    Fabulous! However I didnt know what to do after I ran the program. No scanning, no quarantining, no logs, nothing. Will wait a couple of days to be certain that my QONE8 is fixed and donate. Thanks.

  236. Mike B says

    Amrut Navin above said it all for me!!!

  237. vlad says

    Fast and efficient !!

  238. John says

    hi, Ive tried running your program but it did not work in removing which is an adware…

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    1. Techexpert says

      Just do one thing only, Download our removal tool and save it into your desktop, then CLOSE all the browser windows which are open, the run our tool. It will be working definitely, If still will not work so please contact me I will provide manually removal help.


  244. mgm says

    Thanks a lot. well, it took me a long day of scanning and installing a bunch of programs where none worked, till i installed Adware removal.
    My pc is clean now

    Thank you very much, you deserve it

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    1. Techexpert says

      Thanks for contacting us.
      Dosearches is really a very bad Adware, Our tool usually can fix that issue easily but this time might be Dosearches has changed their installation files name that why our tool could not found that, Dosearches usually changes their installation files name everyday so that nobody can chase their locomotion. So we have to update our tool with their new files names so that tool can remove that.

      Now Do it this way once.
      Right way to remove Dosearches.
      1. Uninstall “Dosearches”, “Search protected by conduit” from Control panel, Also uninstall all the unwanted program from there
      2. Close all the browsers window, Then run our tool “Adware Removal Tool”
      3. Scan your computer with Hitman pro (Delete all the entries which would be found related with Conduit)
      4. Again Close all the browsers window, Then run our tool “Adware Removal Tool”
      That’s it, It would definitely solved. If it doesn’t gone, so please let me know at


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    I am bookmarking this page and when I get paid next week, I will definitely be donating toward your developing ventures.
    Thank you very much.

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    Thank you for your solution, i have download and could fixed only
    MS IE. The intruding search engine remained in Chrome and Mozilla Fox.

    With Regards

    Benny Foo

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits / Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it.

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    I tried your program to remove and it went. I was so pleased I send a onation to you. However, it seems to come back agan, which is a little disappointing. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to reboot straight after, or something? Kind regards. Howard

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it.

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    1. Dosearch had hijacked both IE and Chrome (Firefox not) and yr tool got rid of it right away. Thank you!
    2. Win7
    3. yes
    4. all 4 ticks

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it.

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    Thanks Heaps

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    Thanks. Hope DOSEARCH will be history now…

  310. Tom says

    A pity, the problem is still there: the Delta_Search homepage! How canget this thing from my computer?

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it.

      Let me know again if doesn’t work.

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    1. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it.

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    With Kaspersky and Malwarebytes and my own knowledge, I seldom have a problem, but really kicked my butt!

    As soon as I downloaded your software that little devil was gone. Thank you so much, and I was happy to donate for your work.

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    I just couldn’t bring myself to give them $40′ I’m sure they make viruses them offer to remove them.
    anyway stand up job thanks guys and girls.
    you have made me a happy little camper!!!!

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    1. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits / Hitman Pro 64 bits

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    It didn’t remove it.

    When run I.E. I still got “”.

    1. MICHAEL says


    2. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits / Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it.

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    1. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits / Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it.

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    Will definitely donate, and will add to favourites.

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    1. Techexpert says

      We got lot of spam daily through the comments, so we approve every comment manually. Every comment get approved if there is no spam activity found. So it can take upto 24 hrs in showing your comments on the website.
      Its all due to the spammers.

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    But it reappears after a few days, is there any thing else that I can do.

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    This website force the tab to display the do-search website, and install automaticly dome random extensions… be careful !

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    Thanks for nothing. Your piece of CRAP just deleted all my carefully set up extensions and setiings in Google Chrome. I was trying to get rid of qvo6 from IE, not f**k up my system. You should at least warn people in the app that it is about to screw EVERYTHING up! I’m hoping a system restore will fix the damage your app caused.

    1. Techexpert says

      Hi Bruce, Thank you for your valuable comment. But actually our tool is not deleting the browser extensions like other tools. It just disabled them. So you can enable the extensions and your all data will be there.
      And yes you right, we will ad the warning and explanation for the same in next version of the tool. Thanks You!!

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    very good programme to remove dosearches. I am very thank ful to the company

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    I have a message pop up every now and then that something tried to change my provider to speedbit. I can just click “keep Google my home page” and so it seems to be not a major problem. But slightly aggravating, so I ended up finding your tool to try to get rid of whatever was still in my system trying to point to speedbit. I ran your tool “repair”, and it finished in 2 seconds. My only suggestion for your product would be to announce some results–like “2 PUP’s removed”, or some such. Otherwise, I have no way to know if your tool found anything and fixed it or not. For now, I will hope that it worked, and if the problem goes away, then I can assume that your product did work. (If so, thanks VERY much !).
    Best Regards, John.

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    Thank you , your malware eraser work fine “dosearch”as been eradicated I will use your system when I needed you can be sure of it Keep up the great work


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    Thank you…

  459. Sujith says

    Excellent Tool. Thank you very much. It has removed dosearch.

  460. Chanelle says

    This was amazing, no more dosearches
    Thank you

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    OK. Work perfect

  462. Wulfgier says

    Really great tool! Thx a lot, guys 🙂

  463. Lorna says

    Thank you so much, I accidentally downloaded conduit and could not get rid of it and hey presto you did it…. no more conduit… Thank you XX

  464. ceeyem says

    thanks sooooo much

  465. Derek says

    I ran this tool before, but the next time I used Chrome came up again. I haven’t downloaded anything or added any extensions. I haven’t done anything other than check my e-mail.

  466. CJ Pool says

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  467. diane says

    thank you so much I’ve been trying to get this website off for two weeks I thank you so much. and have a good night..

  468. Tom says

    Thank you for your help in my removing mysearchdial,com !

  469. Michael says

    It does not work. Removes Search.conduit as the start page, but it still owns the new tab page.

  470. Sarah says

    Thank you – worked brilliantly and removed the annoying search conduit – will donate and bookmark this site – you guys are awesome 🙂

  471. hossein says

    thank you for your great job you have done. unfortunately can not donate any from our country, wish you the best

  472. John says

    Brilliant. Thank you

  473. Büşra says

    Than you so much you guys. It was driving me crazy for moths !! I did everything to delete it but only you could succeed.

  474. stan says

    Absolutely great. Thanks.

  475. shristi says

    I have been battling with Conduit, few months back I even paid $99 to fix it! >< and it was one time payment, it wasn't a year subscription to an antivirus! And today my cousin directs me to your website and the problems solved in few minutes! truly happy, donation is surely on its way! Thanks guys!

  476. Thomas Clark says

    Thank you so much. Got rid of shitty Nation Zoom. Guys at Nation Zoom deserve jail time. I will make a $20 donation for the joy of getting rid of Nation Zoom

  477. Shay says

    thank you so much! i’ve been trying to remove qon8 by my own since last month and never got success! thanks to you this adware’s gone now! 😀

  478. David says

    Thank You for your help in removing this nightmare from my computer!

  479. David says

    Thank You for your help in removing this virus from my computer!

  480. Zander says

    hi…is this for realllllll?

    why pay/donate when i dont know if the problem is solved……

  481. Volker says

    Print Spooler fixed, exzellent work!
    I want to donate, but i don´t understand your PayPal process.

  482. Don Piper says

    I hope that this software finally will uninstall this nagging virus.

  483. Don Piper says

    I am looking forward to eliminating this virus.

  484. Divyesh says

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    it’s really very helpful…

    thanxx again

  485. Peer Jensen says

    It worked here in Denmark

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  489. Lillian Miller says

    the fix worked for me very well. Thank you for fixing what had become an annoying problem.

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  492. VALLABHDAS says

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  493. Frik says

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  494. Joseph Cashiotta says

    Cant make it work Winxp

  495. Govend says

    Thanks guys it works and i recommend it to everybody i now and in my facebook.

  496. 81sby says

    Tried erase Delta Search in Internet Explorer with removal and doesn’t work, please help! 😀

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    I couldn’t handle it at all by myself.
    Many thanks.

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  502. chris gaines says

    I couldn’t help now but will in the future

  503. S.T. says

    Happy to donate. Stinking native search hijacked my home pages in Explorer and Mozilla. Finally got rid of it with your program. Will bookmark your page for future. Donated a little through Paypal and will recommend your website to others. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

  504. al says

    thank you, thank you, thank you, that goddamm qone8 site sucked,it drove me nuts……your fixit fixt it lightning fast. thanks again you guys are the greatest

  505. Ramesh says

    I Tried to donate but I did not get connected to payment options

  506. sadanand Rane says

    I don’t belive i got rid off this in flash.
    Only issue is it has not cleaned it from Crome

  507. petros says

    the best solution so far

  508. Zach says

    I’ve spent a long time looking for a solution the get rid of dosearch. I’ve even downloaded programs to try to get rid of it, and this was the only one that worked, thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!!!

  509. ben lloyd says

    excellent tool thanks

  510. shristi says

    So, it helped me get rid of conduit very easily. But the problem is it keeps coming back, and the use tech supports adware removal to get rid of it again and again. Before conduit used to be my only browser, now I have two browsers when I open google chrome, one is google chrome of course and the other is conduit. Not as effective after all?

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits / Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it.

  511. Siva says

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  512. Siva says

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  520. Marie Kean says

    I and my husband are both disabled and living on a very limited income I would love to donate as your program is definitely worth it but I just cannot afford it …I know you think even a dollar but I have 14.00 to do my to the end of Jan. 2014 so I cannot spare even that but your program is great.

  521. Grant says

    AWESOME. Romoved Conduit junk

  522. mail says

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    Thank you for your help for deleting SnapDo!!

    Regards: Malik # Norway

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  530. grifer says

    The first time I used it I deleted all of the toolbars and spam invading the mo pc, now the efficiency is a bit ‘diminished.
    Anyway, thank you.

  531. William says

    What crap! This POS removes ALL EXTENSIONS from Chrome. Idiots.

    1. Techexpert says

      Dear William it is not removing any extension. But just disabling the extension. Please contact on our live chat there you will get the help how you can restore your extensions.

  532. Ramesh says

    Its an excellent tool

  533. bo says

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  540. jim pierce says

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    Thanks for being there. Right now, it looks like your software resoIved the problem. I will donate if the deleted scumware does not return in the next 30 days.

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    Un software veramente ottimo. Bravi!!!

  546. Peter says

    I was trying to delete the conduit web page that appears on my internet click. It is still there. I use MSN as my web page, it is also gone & Google has taken over.
    I’m really confused now.

  547. Peter says

    I was trying to delete the conduit web page that appears on my internet click. It is still there. I use MSN as my web page, it is also gone & Google has taken over.
    I’m really confused now.5eSZ

  548. Kumar says

    Dear Pawan Kumar!

    Thank you somuch for saving my time, Wishing You Most & More!

    God Bless You Pal….

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  553. Joop van Buren says

    Adware Removal removed Delta Home in seconds. Just needed to restart the system to get back the original speed.

  554. gabriel says

    Sorry but not work on Mozilla under XP..Dosearch..still alive!

    1. Techexpert says

      Follow below steps in that way, It will be solved.

      Step 1. Download our tool (Adware Removal Tool), and then Save it. (Do not Run it for now)
      Step 2. Close all the browser’s window.
      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
      Step 4. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits / Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it.

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  558. Ram says

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  559. dj says

    Did not get rid of bee coupons

  560. Stefan says

    Program was not able to remove search.conduit from Firefox on my computer. Is there anyone who knows what company is behind conduit so one can file a lawsuit against them?

  561. Noah says

    This program is really simple and so fantastic! Thankyou

  562. Michelle says

    this did not solve my issue with delta homes which took over my google home page. pls help by emailing me. thank you.

  563. krishna says

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  564. Sajjad Ali says

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  565. Tomsan says

    I am using Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m and the program did not remove conduit.

  566. Birdie says

    Thank you for your help, I’ve tried everything to remove conduit, and failed. It didn’t matter how many times I uninstalled the program, it would return immediately. Now it is gone with the download you put on the site. Thank you so much!!!

  567. jeffrey says

    Thankyou for supplying a program that deletes that stinking mongrel of a thing….search.conduit…love to get my hands on the deadshits who wrote it….

  568. Kevan says

    Doesnt remove Conduit Engine?

  569. Kona says

    Thanks for this tool.

  570. Rowena says

    Had Quon8 on my homepage for months and tried so many spyware programmes, this got rid of it in 1 minute! thank you so much.

  571. Judy Creveling says

    Snap-do removal tool did not permanently remove search engine. I only have IE and it keeps popping up every few days.

  572. melissa says

    i think this worked where malbytes failed. impressed. will donate if conduit stays off for a few days. well done so far.

  573. Jennifer says

    This did not fix Google Chrome. Chrome still uses Conduit for home page and new tabs. 🙁

    1. casey says

      same here

  574. braden says

    thank you it so good love it

  575. Henry says

    I will make a donation after a few days, if Conduit stays away. I bookmarked your donation page.

  576. Getfriends says

    This did not fix Google Chrome. Chrome still uses Conduit for home page and new tabs

  577. Bert says

    Mij first page was high jacked and you fix the problem. Thanks. 2 complaints 1 you can tell that all my url’s removed and that i scare shitlees when a loud phone pops up on your site

  578. Dan says

    This did not get rid of the darn Softonic hijacker

  579. BRENDA MARIE says


  580. Joanne says

    QVO6 virus- I think it was called that, anyway with your help and Adware removal tool It finally has gone thank you soo much at 50yrs of age I can find technology very frustrating and time consuming, its hard enough when its running smoothly, but when theres a problem =[ so im going to make a donation now so thanks again soo much =]

  581. micael says

    tanks alot for a very nice tool

  582. marta says

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  584. Ark says

    I gave it a try: it removed the annoying behavior but Vipre Antivirus found 16 more traces.

  585. zubair saif says

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  586. aryana says

    thanks! Nationzoom was painful especially for IE.

  587. Sureshkannan says

    Thanks for your tool that which is more helpful to remove the hijacker from my PC. I will let you know the status after review the status.

  588. Sureshkannan says

    Thanks for your tool which is solved my issue on removal of qone8 from my PC.

  589. Alex says

    Work great fully remove delta homes from IE9 Thanks

  590. Adam says

    Tried downloading the automatic removal. But was unable to remove the delta-homes page whenever I open a new tab in Firefox. Tried all the manual procedure. Here is the link, which appears on the address bar: “”

    Please comeup with an advanced solution.
    Great work guys.

    1. Techexpert says

      Thanks Adam for your comment and feedback. You can ask on live chat to use the tool properly or to remove the delta homes completely. We will try to fix the bug if there any.

  591. EGYPTEAP says

    great Super tool Great work guys.

  592. Angel says

    Muy bueno. Me lo ha quitado en un plisplas en Chrome y Firefox

  593. bruce says

    well your product did not remove the conduit/ search crap on fire fox!!!

  594. Steffy says

    Thank you, worked perfectly to remove the PUP websearch.

    1. Techexpert says

      You need to run our “Adware Removal Tool V3.7” with administrative privilege. Below you’ll learn how to do.
      Step 1 : Download “Adware Removal Tool V3.7” : Click Here to download “Adware Removal Tool V3.7”
      Step 2 : Now Do Right-click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool V3.7” and then choose the option named as “Run as Administrator”. Now the application will be start with administrative privilege, do click on “Repair” Button.

  595. Syed Pervez Rahim says

    Awesome Tool…Thanks.

  596. Robert says

    Worked Great Thanks.

  597. micky says

    Thank you so very much. That snapdo crap was driving me crazy. I sure do thank you guys. Ya’ll are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  599. Daniel says

    Easy and quick!

  600. netsou says

    Simple the best – Recomended 🙂

  601. premkumar says

    you r my god I really thanking you again and again I tried many way to remove the nation adware but one tears come in my eyes how to remove that .. but once I saw ur tool to remove that danger adware now my PC working peace full with out feaver … oh greate dear I tank u again again agiaun ..ummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  602. mahesh says

    It worked greately. Thank you so much.

  603. yves says

    thanks it works fine, awaesomehp is removed

  604. Charles Laing says

    Your product worked fine and got rid of Snapdo for me,Thankyou

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    AWESOME you helped me clear the awesomehp-misery!

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    Great tool got some strange stuff off my comp!! THX

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    Worked on my chrome browser. Removed successfully the “Awesomehp” tab. Thnx for the great program. Keep it up!!!

  614. Miguel says

    Thank you. It remove awesomehp

  615. Magnus says

    Thank you very much!

  616. Lynn Calhoun says

    Didn’t work. Conduit still there.

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try it in this way.
      Step 1. Uninstall “Search Protected by Conduit” program from Control Panel & Conduit word from Registry as well.
      Step 2. Download and Run our Fixit tool (Adware Removal Tool (New)).
      Step 3. Run a scan with Hitman pro (Anti-Malware) for final Check. (Delete all the Adwares if it find any.) click here to download Hitman Pro 32 bits / Hitman Pro 64 bits

      That’s it. Let me know if doesn’t fix.

  617. Amandeep Singh says

    Thanx to u Very Much, it removed Awesomehp from my browser.

  618. Kimberly Brinkman says

    Thank you for helping me get rid those browsers. I was frustrated to no end everytime I opened google chrome there was 3 xtra browsers that I didn’t put it on there myself.

  619. Iván says

    Awesome tool 🙂

  620. pedro says

    thx for saving us from unwanted people, bad people who make us vulnerable.

  621. Harry says

    I hope this works, I’ll let you know.

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    Excellent. Nation Zoom was finally removed

  628. Sunil says

    Excellent Nation Zoom was finally removed

  629. Hemchand says

    Thanks. Worked very smooth. Great help.

  630. JD says

    I’m dirt poor and I think you just saved my a**. From my heart, sincerely, thanks so much.

  631. dexter says

    this is fantastic. thank you.

  632. sj says

    amazing .. i was having a serious problem ‘n it took care of it in 5 sec.

  633. Lucien den Arend says

    I just made a little donation – but forgot to suggest: when people hit the donate link in the Adware Removal Tool, please don’t open the webpage as a sole tab in a new browser window. Open it instead as one of the tabs in the browser. I have Chrome; it was not opened yet; so your page opened as the only tab in a new session of Chrome, making me lose all my existing tabs.

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you Lucien for your donation and valuable feedback. We will fix this in next version.

  634. lukas says

    it works very well, thank you very much.

  635. 3songbirds says

    Thank you – the program is a lifesaver!

  636. Michelle says

    If you have successfully removed Nation Zoom, I will donate.

  637. single mom says

    Hi…I have an autistic son whom had put Savings Wizard on my laptop…is there a free version to this program to remove this extension in google chrome?

  638. yoel says

    very goood 🙂

  639. Dipankar Chakraborty says

    I convey my heartiest thanks to for releasing free this fantastic and extremely useful AdWare Cleaner which has helped me to get rid of QVo6 virus free of cost, for which I had been log suffering.

  640. jiju says

    Super tool

  641. zahir says

    very simple to use but very powerful

  642. Ather says

    Overkill. Removed all my Chrome extentions. When I undid the repair, the extention list was back, but everything was still uninstalled.

    1. Techexpert says

      To remove the adware completely it is necessary to disable to extensions. And you can enable them back. Hopefully we will fix this issue in next version. Thank you for your feedback.

  643. Gabriela says

    ¡¡¡THANK YOU!!!

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    Thank you very much easily removed nation zoom….. very nice keep going……………… thanks a lot……….

  650. Yo! says

    you guys are the best you got rid of awesomehp just like that!

  651. Dipolarsquire7 says

    Mines not working? the bar fills and then just says ‘finished…’ for ages

    1. Techexpert says

      What Adware do you have which is not fixed by our tool. Please tell me the named of the Adware. We’ll be update as per your Adware so that you can fix it Easily.

  652. Jan says

    Does one has to exit the antivirus program (AVG in my case) to run adware cleaner? It got halted at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Avg\AVG2014

    1. Techexpert says

      No, It should not, Please try it again and let me know if doesn’t fix.

  653. PANAGIOTIS says


  654. paulina says

    Tried it, worked it, love it!

  655. Keith says

    I got infected by the Conduit DL5 toolbar adware virus. I researched and tried all the manual fixes as well as MalwareByes, SuperAntiSpyware, and one other spyware I can’t remember. I have Norton Anti-Virus and that didn’t help. I even reloaded Chrome, but the Conduit virus came back. Adware Cleaner seemed to be the only one that fixed the problem, I assume because if removed registry entries?

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, you are right, there are lots of files,folders and registry entries which have made when you got conduit. Our tool “Adware Removal Tool V3.7” have removed all the entries of conduit. You are right it won’t come back again.

  656. LC Campbell says

    Your software stops about 80 percent through the process. Says it is “searching for registry”. Does anyone have a clue as to why? I am trying to get rid of the most obnoxious addware I have ever experienced which is “Snap-Do”.

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, There was a bug on the tool but now it’s fixed please try once more. Ususally “Adware removal tool v3.7” takes time because it’s searching in deeply. So please do it my way.
      Start our tool “Adware Removal Tool V3.7” and then click on “Scan and Repair” button and then leave your computer as it is for next 10-15 minutes. (Do not do anything on computer, may be it will be gone in “Not responding” status, but don’t worry and leave as it is, just wait for result window”), then you’ll get a result window automatically. then click on “Repair All” button. That’s it.

      Please try our tool once more and then let me know if still facing the same problem. click here to download Newer version: Adware Removal tool v3.7

  657. LC Campbell says

    I rebooted and tried again whereupon your program went further but stopped again with an expection whereupon I said go ahead anyway but it seems to have stopped again. In the Status Bar it is stopped at ~services/policyAgent/parameters/cache

    1. Techexpert says

      First of all thank you for your time to reporting for a bug of our tool.

      Yes, It’s seems like a little bug in our tool on “exception”, we’ll definitely fix that issue, but we need your more help about that. To help us, you have to give more info about the “exception” message. Please tell me what wrote just above the Progress bar like (“Searching for files..”) when you gets the “exception” message ?. please also tell me, was status bar running through or it just stopped on a one string ? Was the software gone to “Not responding status” ?. Please give me these info. We are looking forward to your reply.
      I really Appreciate your valuable time.


  658. imyaroy says

    The scan and repair can’t get passed ‘AVP’ (Kaspersky). In AVP there are many increasing strings starting with….. $%&’0*+. So a full repair couldn’t be carried out. (But it DID remove conduit)

    1. Techexpert says

      First of all thank you for reporting for a bug of our tool.
      Please tell me more what message you got when you click on “Scan & Repair” button. we’ll definitely consider to fix that bug.
      We are looking forward to your reply.

  659. ben says

    I have ran it twice and both times it has stopped on.
    It stayed like that all night.

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try now, It have fixed that bug. Revert back if issue still persist.

  660. D says

    I got excited when I found this tool the mysearchdial adware is driving me crazy. Downloaded your application and ran it…if froze three times after 30 mins it stated it was complete and I shutdown my computer and restarted. Guess why Mysearchdial adware is still there…thanks for the let down…I’m glad I held off on my donation.

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for reporting for a bug.
      There was a bug on that, It is fixed now. Please try it once more. Download newer version of “Adware Removal Tool 3.7”. First remove all “Adware removal tool v3.7” files which you have downloaded before, Now download it with the different browser. Click here to download newer version “Adware Removal Tool 3.7

      Please revert back if doesn’t work.


    2. Techexpert says

      May be it takes time because it scans deeply, so please do not interrupt it while scanning. It will be done even if it gone to “not responding” status.

  661. Lauri says

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\iSyncConduit.dll

    Is this legitimate detection or false positive? Just curious 🙂

    1. Techexpert says

      No, You can un-check that if you think.

  662. NBaird says

    Not able to rid myself of the Conduit Search Engine using your software.
    Keeps coming back to IE and Chrome

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try our new version, it has been fixed in that version V3.7. please download it again
      Please revert back if still doesn’t remove.

  663. srujan says

    thanks yaaaaaaaaar……

  664. Jeremy says

    Hi, it didn’t find conduit which is annoying

    1. Techexpert says

      Please try newer version. Click here to download Newer version “Adware Removal tool V3.7

  665. P.K.Ganguli says

    Your Adware (3.7) under Scan & Repair directive work scanning “C” drive a little while. Then the the program stop wotking.

    1. Techexpert says

      We recommend you all. please use our tool in my way. Just download our tool and then click on “Scan / Repair” and then please stop working on your computer. please leave as it is your computer for next only 15-20 minutes. it definitely will be done even if it goes to not responding mode. Thanks. Please update me with that.

  666. KEVIN says












    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you Kevin for this great feedback. We have improved our tool and now new release is ready to download. In this release there some quick fixes but we have planned to make the major fixes in our next release. Thank you again for your time that write this review about the software. We are in the initial phase of this software so we need people’s feedback to improve this.

  667. Syed Pervez Rahim says

    Great Tool.

  668. Kantha Rao says

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  669. plewis says

    You are awesome! Next week I will make a donation because it is totally worth it but I don’t get paid till then. Because of you I was able to get rid of that dreadful Search Conduit thing! Thank you soooo very much.

  670. Frank says

    It worked beautifully to remove AwesomHP out of Mozilla and Google Chrome, but I still have Google Chrome infected with … any suggestions?

  671. Tristan says

    I had a brand new virus called !st Pro Cleaner for Windows, spent over 24 straight hours doing every arsenal I could find or already knew..nothing worked, then I used you guys to dump Conduit and the horrid virus disapeared, I thank you from the very depths of my heart and love you all thank you so much….Tristan

  672. Kaitlyn says

    that link you sent 4 seconds done, deleted saved me so much trouble thank you sooooooooo much

    1. tommydreamer says

      no problem glad i could help

  673. justin says

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  674. jim says

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  675. ameriana says

    Hello there. nice job you have done with this cleaner prog. I congratulate you and advise you, in the process of cleaning there is a button that says “canel” and not “cancel”… it made me insecure for a moment if the program was actually good and not another scam. But I want to believe is a silly mistake. See you around and good work.

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for your valuable feedback and letting us know about the same. This is not a scam you can read the reviews of the real customers on our feedback pages. As this is the starting phase of this product there may be some bugs in this. We trying hard to fix them asap. And we always need the feedback from the users like you to make it a strong product. Thanks You. We will fix that in our next version.

  676. George tziralis says

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  677. charles thibert esq. says

    Tried several of your downloads of newer version v3.7 as suggested in the ‘feedback,’ but keeps coming up with ‘v3.8 ( which logically is higher !)……..regards

    1. Techexpert says

      No problem, with the higher version. more bugs has been fixed in the higher version. We continuously improving our product to make it bug free. So use the latest version freely.

  678. connor says

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  679. Larry says

    I thought you tool was excellent but after trying to use it twice after hitting repair the tool hangs at 10% “closing all processes”. It did the same thing twice.

    1. Techexpert says

      Thanks you for your feedback. Now this bug has been fixed. Please try new version 3.8.2. We found that this happens only on windows8 in our last version. Thank you for your time and valuable feedback.

  680. Anon says

    Amazing program, removed a nightmare we’ve been trying to deal with for a month.

  681. Bob says

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  682. KC says

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  683. Xandra says

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    I was in despair of un-installing awesomehp. Got it with StartW8 Menu, and five other adds with it.
    Your Adware Removal Tool is mosre efficient than manual operations. I was very surprised that your free tool worked so deeply, correcting the register, in addition of the uninstallation of awesomhp.

    I think I have to make a donation about 30$, as some commercial antiviruses. I will think about Paypal, that you recommand – I find this not necessarily the faster (3 days waiting for international).

    And Adware Removal Tool was not a Beta, nor version 0.x, and it had a valid digital certificate!

    Thank you a lot!

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  699. Brian says

    Will not remove search.Conduit. Its driving me mad every time I open Chrome this page comes on first. Run this program and it cannot find Conduit anywhere. According to Google search your program should remove it. Help

    1. Techexpert says

      Our manual steps will remove conduit definitely, anyhow if you confused during using our steps. then you should use our Fixit tool (Adware Removal Tool)which will remova conduit automatically, it is already listed on that page. Please reply us again after done with Conduit Fixit Tool.

      1. Brian says

        Have used Adware Removal Tool unfortunately it is still there. I have done a search but Conduit does not show up anywhere in the registry etc. but is still the first page when I open Chrome. It is strange?!

        1. Techexpert says

          We recommend you to please use our tool (Adware Removal Tool) twice, do not forget to reboot your computer after done with our tool and then report me the result.

          1. Brian says

            It seems to be OK now. Used the removal tool three times and it has gone. Thanks, will now make a donation

  700. ganesh says

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  701. ganesh says

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    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, you should uninstall except only one anti-virus, if the K7 is the subscribed one the then you can keep K7 and uninstall all others. otherwise you can MSE and uninstall others because only one antivirus should run at a time otherwise they can make conflicting with easy others..

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