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A single product for all of your devices

F-Secure have launched its F-Secure Safe – A product witch have all the features of F-Secure Internet Security and is compatible with all devices PC, Mac, Android. So it is a multi device multi platform Internet Security Solution from F-Secure. F-secure antivirus and F-secure internet security have comes with new features that make usage and installation a lot easier for consumers. The new release focuses on harmonizing experience across various devices and providing an interface that is quick and easy to use right from the start.

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F-Secure Download and Coupons codes

F-secure Download, Install, upgrade and Renewal

It is easy to install F-secure Products. Just follow the download link and install it on your computer. If you are an existing user and need to upgrade your previous version to the New F-secure 2015. Then just uninstall old version and install new version use the same License key to for the New one.


If still you are facing some issue in upgrading or Installing F-Secure then you can simply use the Official Removal tool to uninstall F-Secure completely from your computer and do a fresh install. It will eliminates your most of troubles. If still have issue then contact directly to the F-secure Tech support customer care.

What is New in F-secure 2015

Here are the new features introduced along with the new F-secure versions:

One-click installation

It’s now easier than ever to install F-secure since the process has been greatly simplified compared to past versions. No longer you have to scroll through different menus and click “Next” several times, as F-secure products can now be installed in one click. F-secure 2015 products make the required adjustments from the start and install by default in your C:/ drive. If you need further personalization options you can also use the “Custom” option and define what needs to be changed from there. Installation interface has also been improved for the purpose of appearing sleeker and more modern.

Enhanced installation on virus-infected computers

In the previous versions of F-secure users with virus-infected computers had to go through the same process as users with regular computers. However, this is not available anymore for the 2015 version as the script of both Anti-virus and Internet security suite have been modified in such manner as to identify viruses which could possibly hijack product installation. Thus, a cleanup tool is automatically started prior the actual product installation for the purpose of identifying active malware in the computer. Additionally, an extensive computer scanning can be quickly performed once the product has finished installing.

Changed some names of the products

Although this does not affect the practical work of the anti-virus/internet security product, users should know that Computer Security name has been changed with Antivirus and Online Safety has been dumped for Browsing Protection. Again, this is only a change of names and does not affect the practical side of the antivirus. However, there are also some interface changes which users should be aware of (more details below).

Launch pad has been eliminated

In the past versions of F-secure users who clicked on the product icon in system tray were able to access a menu with the most important features of the application (e.g. Turn Off Protection for a predefined interval, check application status, Turn Off a certain shield, etc.). However, in the 2015 versions users clicking on the product icon in system tray are now taken directly to the program, hence being able to take important decisions from there. The bottom bar still features most common options featured in past versions of the launch pad.

New protocol for downloading updates

It needs to be said that F-secure Antivirus and F-secure Internet Security 2015 feature a new protocol for downloading updates, one which greatly facilitates the process and enables a faster retrieval of virus definitions. Updates are downloaded automatically by default but the amount of network traffic required has been greatly reduced, hence the reason why even users with slow Internet connection can benefit from updates in a relatively short amount of time. Updates can still be performed from the main interface if desired.

Improved notification history

Feature which was known as “Notification history” in past versions of F-secure is now called “Product timeline”, user being able to see the most important product changes and notifications right there. besides showing common activity such as virus and spyware detections the new “timeline” can also display significant events such as those related to DeepGuard shield. This timeline can always be accessed from the main interface of the product.

Redesigned overall interface

The new F-secure 2015 interface is now easier to use than ever, consisting of just 3 main tabs. Each of them includes sub-menus which are well categorized and which serves a specific option. Users can quickly perform actions such as computer scans, view files in quarantine, etc. or modify options related to specific components. The interface is now based on a white/sky-blue/gray theme.

These are the main changes brought by F-secure Antivirus and F-secure Internet Security 2015. It’s to be said that the products are still extremely efficient in spite of them becoming more lightweight, managing to obtain a score of 99 in the real-world tests performed by AV-comparatives.

F-secure Coupon codes

Promotions are great way to save some money on your antivirus purchase. F-secure also launch promotion schemes time to time. We bring you coupons first in the market to get benefit early.

FSecure Products and Comparison

F-Secure have wide range of products and categorized them according to Platform

Products Compatible with all Platforms

  • F-Secure SAFE
  • F-Secure Freedom
  • F-Secure Booster
  • F-Secure Key
  • F-Secure Search

For Desktop and PC

  • F-Secure Antivirus for PC and Mac
  • F-Secure Internet Security
  • F-Secure Online Scanner

For Smartphones

  • F-Secure App Permission
  • F-Secure Mobile Security

Though there are lots of products available but now company is focusing its SAFE product and as we are sensing that may be in near future they will discontinue its old products and will only keep the one F-Secure Safe products for all its devices as like Norton did. I think its good move by the company.

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