The Coronavirus has been the constant threat this year. However, this issue has not been the only threat in cyberspace. ESET threat detection and research experts reported other threats for the third quarter of 2020. In their latest report they provide a detailed overview.

ESET: COVID-19 lost strength in threats

The COVID is still a trend in the physical world. But, it is not so much in the digital world anymore. Cyber-criminals have returned to basic traps for committing their crimes in the last few months of the year. However, the effects of the pandemic have remained in teleworking. This last aspect continues with its difficulties in terms of security.

The attacks on the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) attest to these difficulties mentioned above. They have increased in recent months. The increase was 37% in terms of unique targeted clients. This is probably a consequence. It would correspond to the high number of unprotected systems connected to the Internet during the pandemic.

Other important threats found by ESET

ESET specialists investigated important threats in this third quarter. A case investigated as a homicide was one of them. It involved the death of a patient in a hospital. This patient was allegedly attacked by ransomware. The crypto coin miners, on the other hand, resurfaced. This was another surprising finding. The number of cryptominters decreased for seven consecutive quarters. But their criminal activities reappeared in the third quarter of 2020.

Similarly, the report indicated that Emotet returned to the scene. In addition, banking malware for Android has grown in recent months. And new groups of emails appeared in order to supplant the identity of important delivery and logistics companies.

Finally, this report offers not only a summary of these findings. It also includes exclusive updates to ESET research. These are unpublished; they have not been published before. These updates have a special focus on FFW group operations. It is worth reading it thoroughly and waiting for more updates.

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